The uncertainty remains in spite of everything

L’incertitude demeure malgré tout

Immersed in uncertainty since the beginning of the pandemic, the hockey québec under contract in the professional leagues, minor see finally the light at the end of the tunnel following the announcement of the american League (AHL) to restart its operations on 4 December.

Unlike the regular players of the NHL and to those who have been invited to participate in the training camp of the stimulus, there is a huge contingent of players of the circuits of minors who have not jumped on the ice in a competitive environment since mid-march.

This is the case of the attacker Samuel Asselin, who has a contract with the boston Bruins of Providence, the club-school Bruins. Glad that a date has been anticipated, it is moderating, however, his optimism.

“It will be necessary to report before. Are we going to train there and they are going to make us come in just for the minimum [of the camp] with what is going on ? There is still a lot of uncertainty “, he mentioned in a telephone interview with The Journal.

Caution in the preparation

Asselin has spent most of his first season as a professional in the ECHL, the third-level importance of hockey in north america, scoring 26 goals and 52 points in 53 games with Atlanta. He was promoted to five games with Providence.

The leaders of the club-school of the Bruins have already warned their protected contain their enthusiasm to the workout to avoid falling into a state of fatigue before they even lay the skates on the ice with their teammates. The details surrounding the unfolding of the calendar will be announced later.

“Starting in December, it means that we are going to see a lot of hockey in little time for the two-three next seasons. They told us to relax [the sessions] on the ice or in the gym. They do not want to overtraining.

“We all like the summer to strengthen themselves in the gym and take care of small ailments, but we want to play hockey games. At the end of four to five months [without playing], I imagine that the head will be a little more tired, ” said the winner of the Memorial cup with Acadie-Bathurst in 2018.

Harvey-Pinard impatient

Agent Dominic Deblois has not hidden that this new fell-to-point while the majority of his clients train for months with no timeline.

“For the players who have contracts to be a component [of the AHL], this date gives them something tangible. There is the physical preparation, but it is rendered in the month of August, the guys are training and it allows them to better manage this component in their preparation, ” he confided while remaining prudent on this date advanced as the activities of the LAH are linked to those of the NHL, which aims for its part to begin the season 2020-2021 around the 1st of December.

The approach to live its first moments official in the professionals with the Rocket de Laval, Rafael Harvey-
Pinard has shared a similar speech at the player of The Assumption. Since its Saguenay native, Harvey-Pinard gnawed its brake waiting for good news.

“I was really in the nether. This is the first new official that it has been since it’s started [the pandemic]. It is a relief and have a better idea of what is coming, but we don’t know what can happen. We will try to see it from the side of optimism, ” agreed the hope of the Canadian internship junior ended prematurely last march.

Unlike the NHL, the american League can afford to play matches without spectators, as the income of television are not at the rendezvous. And with 27 teams in the United States where the epidemic is not slowing down one second, it is difficult to see how supporters will be crowding by the thousands in the amphitheatres in four months.

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