The unitarity of Ukraine as a rusty old mine

Ukraine can not perform the Minsk agreement. Can not fundamentally. When any government is possible. Even if a miracle happened and he won the elections “adequate Ukrainians”, which is now the party of “Opposition platform for life”, and even then would in this respect have not changed. No, the opposition certainly put a lot of effort to execute these agreements, it is possible that I would have gone even direct dialogue with the Donbass, but still nothing would in the end failed. Just because of the format, which is the current Ukraine, the Minsk agreement killer.

Унитарность Украины как старая ржавая мина

It — how long has laid a mine, which at first posed no danger, as all knew where she was buried and studiously avoided this place party. Mina was resting a couple of decades, rusted and now only touch it lightly, and it will spread all around. But here’s the problem – the workaround is no longer possible. You have to walk over her, looking down at his feet and feeling how the body performs a cold sweat of fear. And to dig it is not because, as I wrote, all rusted and the springs of the detonator are kept at the nozzle, ready to break from any concussion. But, nevertheless, is that you can live with it, the principal did not come and go on tiptoe. The trouble is that sooner or later it will cease to help, and mine explode necessarily. Explode when no one is here. Mind, all of this building under the name “Ukraine”, and it is possible that the little touches and the adjacent territory. Will not find it.

Mine is called “unitary structure of the state.” When the Soviet Union collapsed, this mine is no thought. Although, it is likely that thought, but just not the people in whose hands was at that time Ukraine. I think those who quickly took them in turn, singing songs about the unprecedented future prosperity of the independent Ukraine, that ceasing to feed the “drunken and lazy brother,” Ukraine will rise, like a Phoenix from the ashes, will begin universal happiness and prosperity. And most interesting is that everything had to turn out, if not the same but is a unitary structure of the state. Those who then whispered these ideas to the new Hetman of Ukraine perfectly knew what was coming and how it ends. And the Hetman did not care. What they cared about was their own vanity and their own pockets.

Ukraine is a unique state, assembled from scraps, absolutely not similar to each other. It is not even about such radical differences between East and West, but even within the same only the West of Ukraine, where people with very different mentality and culture. Galicia, Hutsul, Bukovina – the differences between them are much greater than what unites them. But the whole of Ukraine had to brush one size fits all. As this comb has been elected Galicia – the strange Ukrainian region, which for centuries its own population was called Galician Rus and which, in the early 20th century and began the project, which is now called “Independent Ukraine”. Started peacefully, began with forced collections from the population of all Russian, torture and executions, started with the creation of an artificial language and a large, incredibly big lie, which is hammered into the heads of the population of Galicia. The result of all this was the emergence of a wholly anti-Russian companies, consisting of the Russian people.

I must admit that the very idea of such experience was brilliant. No matter that its purpose is not creation, and destruction, but this is the second question.

And here the idea began to comb and the rest of Ukraine. Under the slogans and promises of the coming of the welfare of all took place without any hesitation. Successfully hammered into the heads of the superiority of the Ukrainian nation over the Russian, its primacy, that the Ukrainians are pure Slavs and modern Russian – who does not understand. Sentiment against Russia were cultivated actively and these efforts are generously sponsored by various international organizations. Began to rewrite history quite so brazen to make heroes of Ukrainian nationalists, outright traitors, robbers and murderers. And most importantly – began to impose these new “heroes” all over Ukraine. First softly and then harder and harder.

We have to admit that it all happened at the absolute indifference of Russia. The Russian leadership would like do not care about what is happening in the neighboring country. Although, I’m sure many have said and warned. Perhaps it was enough that the President of Ukraine spoke about “friendship with Russia”, and in Sevastopol was the base of the Russian fleet. And nobody wanted to look, and what’s happening at this neat and clean façade of Russian-Ukrainian relations. And there was the same mine, which for years was rusted and came to the state when to disarm it became impossible.

Attempts to impose a nationalist unitary state ultimately opposed only the Donbass and the Crimea. Other regions, traditional Russian, was quite impressed by this leprosy, that lacked the strength to resist. But that means nothing. This is only a temporary phenomenon, a transition period. It is worth remembering that the main condition under which the population of Ukraine ate the idea of a unitary state, was the promise of prosperity. And life of Ukraine with each new government, it becomes worse than the previous one. It is already a law from which there will be no exceptions. So enjoy the “unitary government” the Ukrainians will not be infinite, no matter how on the edge their house. Patience is not infinite.

And the worst – that out of the current situation, virtually no. That is a peaceful solution. In any case, someone will have to break through the knee. To abandon the idea of a unitary state, go to the Federal structure, to give up Bandera, from neo-Nazism, until the introduction of the for all that tough criminal sanctions – this is all now possible only through a civil conflict that will affect the whole of Ukraine. And the Federation probably will not be enough. In the end, it is necessary to carry on the Confederation with the most advanced rights and powers of the regions.

But then the question arises – whether these regions to agree among themselves to generally save the state called Ukraine?

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