The United Kingdom has “passed the peak” of the epidemic of coronavirus

Le Royaume-Uni a «passé le pic» de l’épidémie de coronavirus

The United Kingdom, the second country most affected by the new coronavirus in Europe with 26 711 dead, has “passed the peak” of the epidemic, said Thursday the prime minister, Boris Johnson, promising a plan déconfinement next week.

Accused of having been slow to take the measure of the pandemic and to establish the containment, and finally decreed on march 23, the conservative leader is now under pressure to explain when and how the country will emerge. Until now, it remained cautious about easing, warning against the risk of an upsurge.

“Today I can confirm that for the first time, we’ve passed the peak” of the epidemic, he explained during the daily conference from the government, his first since his recovery from the sars coronavirus. “We are on a downward slope “.

He compared the situation to the passage of an ” enormous tunnel of the Alps “. “We can now see the light of day and the meadows in front of us,” he said.

“It is therefore vital that we do not lose the control and that we do the features not to a second and even more high mountain “, he continued, hinting at a possible resurgence.

Boris Johnson, however, has promised to unveil a “road map” next week that explains how the government intends to relaunch the economy, reopening schools, and returning to the Uk to work safely.

The containment has now been extended until may 7, with the economic and social consequences are very burdensome, raising also concerns health like a leap of death to be the result of cancer being detected or treated too late.

Déconfinement careful

The roadmap promised it will expose how the government intends to ” remove the sickness and at the same time boost the economy “, for example, measures to make safer routes home-to-work as well as places of work, according to Mr. Johnson. The exact dates of each measure of the easing will depend on the evolution of the epidemic and of the data collected each day.

It has been suggested by the port of tissues on the face as a possible measure, but surgical masks are not currently recommended.

Before to revive the economy, the british authorities want to observe a marked fall, but also have ways of screening, tracking and protection sufficient.

Officially, 171 253 people have been infected in the United Kingdom, is 6032 higher than in the balance of Tuesday. 674 additional deaths have been measured in hospitals and retirement homes, taken into account since Wednesday in the balance sheet daily.

“The number of cases decreases, this translates to fewer hospitalizations, fewer people in the hospital, fewer people in intensive care, and we are beginning to see a decline in the number of the dead “, has enumerated the scientific advisor to the government, Patrick Vallance, during the press conference.

According to him, the rate of transmission is currently between 0.6 and 0.9, which is a recession.

The government is being criticised for having been slow to decide the containment and obtaining gowns and medical masks in sufficient number for the carers.

Two Britons-three (66 %) think that the government has been too slow to enact the containment, says an Ipsos Mori survey published on Thursday.

Interviewed by SkyNews, the leader of the labour Party, Keir Starmer has said fears that the United Kingdom knows one of the ” worst rates of mortality due to the coronavirus in Europe and held that an inquiry into the government’s response to the pandemic will be necessary.

In this context of crisis, an event that has raised the morale of the British: the anniversary of ” Captain Tom “, a veteran who has collected the sum up to an impressive 30 million pounds, or 33 million euros for the carers.

The old man, become a true star, has blown its hundred candles on Thursday and two fighters of the Royal Air Force usually deployed for commemorative events of the Second world War, a Spitfire and a Hurricane, flew in his honor in the skies of Bedfordshire (a county in the north of London).


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