The United States began preparations for a major ground war

U.S. forces plan to purchase about 150 thousand artillery shells, exceeding the original plan by almost 10 times. Experts called the actions of the us military preparing for a large-scale ground war.

США почали підготовку до масштабної наземній війні

A solid purchase U.S. commented major General Paul Chamberlain, senior army. 150 artillery shells, the U.S. military used for testing soldiers ‘ skills of combat operations on the ground. A huge number of deadly weapons would allow States to effectively prepare for a military conflict that requires professionalism and determination, summed up by Paul Chamberlain, reports Rus.Media.

Earlier, representatives of the U.S. armed forces reported no shortage of shells, calling a tenfold excess of the procurement plan of artillery ammunition upgrade and recovery Arsenal. Now also the question on granting by the us Congress and the White house is $ 6.3 billion. A significant amount of Washington intends to Fund the “European initiative of deterrence.” So the West calls the program the rejection of the “Russian aggression” in the region.

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