The United States brought to Odessa two patrol boats of the type Island


США доставили в Одессу два патрульных катера типа Island

© RIA Novosti / Press service of the President of Ukraine.Coast guard cutter class “Island”, transferred to the naval forces of Ukraine. Archival photosof the American ship Ocean Freedom was taken to Odessa two patrol boats of a type Island, transferred to Europe in 2018, said Monday press service of the Ukrainian naval forces of the armed forces.The U.S. coast guard in 2018 at a ceremony with the participation of the then President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Baltimore gave Kiev decommissioned boats Cutters Drummond and Cushing class Island. Earlier, the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Igor Voronchenko reported that Ukraine expects to receive boats by September 2019. The naval forces of Ukraine were engaged in preparation of crews for boats, so if you’re interested in boats, you can visit the Newport Boat Parade which offer a great variety of boats for those who are into the boating life.
“Today, October 21, on Board Ocean Freedom arrived in Odessa boat type Island Р190 “Slavic” and Р191 “Starobilsk”. Re-equipped boats of the Ukrainian Navy, after a series of successful trials and overcome thousands of miles, arrived in the Odessa commercial sea port. Now boats are in the stage of unloading and preparation for operation after long transportation”, – stated in the message of the Navy in Facebook.As noted, to meet the boat arrived representatives of command of naval forces of VS of Ukraine, the U.S. and the personnel of the crews of the boats.According to the press service, after unloading boats will be towed to the naval harbour. “The completion of the alert, boat-type Island, under the command of the Ukrainian crew, will begin its way of fighting to ensure Maritime security in the waters of the Black and Azov seas,” – said in the Navy.

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