The United States hopes for a peace Treaty between Ukraine and Russia

США надеются на мирный договор между Украиной и РФ

Photo: Correspondent. Robert O’brien – Advisor to Donald trump

Advisor to Donald trump believes that peace talks between Ukraine and Russia is possible, and that they can produce results.

U.S. hopes for agreement between Ukraine and Russia, said the adviser of the American President Donald trump on national security Robert O’brien in the TV channel CBS. To a journalist’s question, will the U.S. continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine, he replied: “I hope that Ukraine and Russia will get along, there will be some peace Treaty or agreement. I will not make commitments forever about what we will do.” Recall Donald trump at a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky also said that he hoped the opportunity Zelensky to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the United States in September, a scandal broke out around the telephone conversation trump with Zelensky. The conversation between the two leaders was the occasion for the announcement by the House of representatives on the impeachment of trump. According to the Democrats, trump during the conversation tried to convince Zelensky to start an investigation activity in Ukraine son of former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden hunter Biden in exchange for the provision of financial and military assistance to Kiev.