The United States will increase its military presence in Saudi Arabia

США увеличат военное присутствие в Саудовской Аравии

In the coming weeks in Saudi Arabia will deploy additional weapons in the USA. The military contingent will increase to 3 thousand people. Such measures would be taken to counter Iran, according to the official letter of the President of the United States Donald trump sent to the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi. According to the us authorities that Iran is a threat to the security of the region and is responsible for attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia in September this year. According to the text of the letter trump, the deployment of weapons involves the placement of radars and missile systems, the trend in the region expeditionary wing and two squadrons of fighters. Part of the forces had already arrived in the territory of Saudi Arabia, and the rest will be sent in the coming weeks. As the American President, the military contingent will remain in the region “as long as it is necessary for the decision of tasks in view”.

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