The unwavering faith of Geoff Molson

La foi inébranlable de Geoff Molson

When the Blackhawks of Chicago have responded to John McDonough of the office of president at the end of April, I wondered if Geoff Molson would use the period of confinement attributable to the COVID-19 to review its personnel in the sector hockey.

Note that I did not expect such an upheaval. Already, in February, Marc Bergevin had confirmed the return of Claude Julien for the next season. They had understood that Bergevin was left to him as to his position.

But when even.


A long interruption of activities, such as the one we live in allows contractors to make the point on a lot of things. Any manager will tell you that he happens to question and assess from time to time the work of his employees.

This is what was done by the owner of the Blackhawks, Rocky Wirtz. Some would argue that McDonough was not a president-hockey, but he was leading wide.

The man had a long experience in the sporting environment, having been president of the Chicago Cubs for 20 years. The Blackhawks have become a large organization under his direction. They have won the Stanley cup three times in six years.

McDonough followed the operations hockey very closely and he didn’t hesitate to hold them to account to its general manager, Stan Bowman.

Confidence in Timmins also

Recently, someone told me that Geoff Molson is more involved than one might be inclined to think, in the affairs of hockey Canada.

Yesterday, Mr. Molson told during his long press conference with the media that he attends all the meetings of the evaluation hopes that the Canadian is eyeing the draft.

He made this comment when I asked him about Trevor Timmins. Here again, the vice-chairman of the personnel of the players and supervisor of the recruitment programme of the organization has full confidence.

In the same way that Scott Mellanby, Martin Lapointe, Claude Julien and the other heads of hockey that surround Bergevin.

Even the smallest

In the end, it is in the administrative offices that the cuts have taken place. Last week, Dominick Saillant and François Marchand, who worked at the service of relations with the media for 23 and 11 years respectively, were thanked.

Several other people have suffered the same fate in other areas of the CH group. These people did their job well. They had nothing to apologize for. The bad product on the ice was not covered by them.

Mr. Molson mentions the lack of revenue to justify these layoffs are permanent. This situation may not be unique to the Canadian, the managers would probably have been able to find arrangements to keep these employees.

And yet…

These departures are more a result of the downsizing of the consequences of the pandemic that is hitting us.

During this time, no one moves in the sector hockey. And there is no question to hire a president of operations hockey.

It also, it is to be expected. But it seems that Mr. Molson has hung on the last paragraph of a chronicle of my colleague Réjean Tremblay on the terminations that occurred last week.

Saying that Bergevin should not be there in a year, Réjean has concluded that Vincent Damphousse would probably president of the Canadian.

This claim has bothered Geoff Molson to the point that he felt the need to mention it in his sales pitch before question period. He stated in substance that he remains in the presidency of the team and that he has no intention to create the position of president of operations in hockey.

It must, therefore, continue with the men’s hockey up until the recovery plan put forward by Bergevin two years ago to produce its fruits, or death follows.

Geoff Molson believes hard as iron in terms of its director-general.

“It’s coming “, he said when I asked him if he had a message for you, the faithful supporters that you are.

“I think we just made a big step with our core of players, which is very good. I have said for two years that we will reach a point where it will be popular for several years.

“We’re going to get there. “

But when ?

It’s been long enough that they tell you.

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