“The up-country”: Fabien Cloutier had auditioned for the role of the Seraphim

«Les pays d’en haut»: Fabien Cloutier avait auditionné pour le rôle de Séraphin

If it is known in particular for his role as Oscar “La Tuque” Labranche in the television series, The up-country, Fabien Cloutier had initially auditioned for the character of the Seraphim, played by Vincent Leclerc.

“It is safe, you do “Ah, it could be fun, but when I saw Vincent [Leclerc] play, I understood why. There is no trouble”, he told the show Guess who’s coming to dinner?. It is after this first hearing that he has been approached for the role of Oscar.

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A thankless task

Invited to the table to Sophie Durocher and Richard Martineau alongside Patrice L’écuyer, Fabien Cloutier has at the same time about her experience inside the committees distribution of roles.

“This is the tip that I found most hard,” he said.

“You have friends, you have people that you admire and you have people that you know that it would be good for you now. This person over here, it’s been three-four years that it has less view and there, it deserves a role,” said the comedian is decidedly stuck in its decision-making role.

This onerous task has also enabled Fabien Cloutier change his perception of the hearings that he sees a much better eye than before. “Me, I trust. If they call me, it is because they find me good. They do call me not to check if I am. They already know”, he said.

A hair to a great role

Patrice L’écuyer is also passed beside a large role in a film for which he auditioned in the 1990s. Although his hearing has been fantastic and he had a great chemistry with the director, the latter was forced to teach him the bad news.

“I just want to tell you that it’s just because you look too old compared to the actress who was young”, was told Patrice L’écuyer, telling the story to Guess who’s coming to dinner?.

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