The US and Britain have accused Russia in global hacking attack

США и Великобритания обвинили РФ в глобальной хакерской атаке

The national computer security center UK, FBI and Department of homeland security issued a joint statement in which they informed about the ongoing global hacking campaign, ordered by the Russian authorities.

They are told what methods are used by computer hackers to gain control over network equipment such as Internet routers.

In the future this can be used to carry out cyber attacks, said in a statement, informs Bi-bi-si.

At a press conference at the White house coordinator for cybersecurity, Rob Joyce said that the US and its allies with a high degree of certainty believe that Russia conducts large-scale hacking campaign.

According to gathered intelligence, the United States and Britain, the purpose of hackers were millions of devices whose routing data on the Internet.

Compromised devices were used to monitor passing through the information, said Joyce. Also the attackers tried to hack the network protection and detection systems, hacker attacks.

At a press conference, Joyce also said that a variety of organizations for the past months were subjected to cyber attacks with the purpose of industrial espionage, collecting business information or information about their clients.

“When we see malicious cyberactivity, regardless of who is behind it — the Kremlin or any other country, we will retaliate,” said Joyce.

The head of the British National centre for cybersecurity Ciaran Martin said that the publication of this warning — this is a very significant moment because until now the US and Britain have never issued joint statements on how to counter cyber attacks.

“Many of the Russian used methods exploit the most typical vulnerabilities of network equipment,” said Martin.

As they say in a statement the United States and Britain in warning of the global hacking campaign were Internet service providers, companies serving critical infrastructure, government agencies and large firms.

The document contains detailed information about the methods the attackers, as well as on the signs indicating that the equipment had been broken, and how it changes the network configuration, which became the object of attack.

Among the recommendations for suppliers given in the document are tips on the correct setup of computer systems and how to apply patches to vulnerable areas of the network equipment.

According to Ciaran Martin, the British government communications Centre, which is subordinate to the national cyber security center, monitors the threat posed by Russian cyber gangs over the past two decades. For more intelligence about these attacks, he said, was also provided by numerous organizations and companies working in the field of computer security.

“The UK works in collaboration with the United States, other allies and the technological industry in order to expose the unacceptable behaviour of Russia in cybercrime, which would make it responsible for such actions,” — said the head of the National cyber security center.

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