The US and Iran have exchanged prisoners in Geneva

США и Иран обменялись заключенными в Женеве

To freedom released American historian of Chinese origin and Iranian specialist-hematologist.Washington and Iran have exchanged the two prisoners. On Saturday, December 7, reported on Twitter by the Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

To freedom was released after the Tehran American historian of Chinese descent Siue van. In 2016 he was convicted in Iran for 10 years on charges of espionage.

From prison also released Iranian specialists in Biomedicine, hematologist Massoud of Soleimani. Researcher in the field of stem cells was arrested at the Chicago airport in October 2018 and charged with the attempted export of biological material to Iran in circumvention of U.S. sanctions.
The exchange occurred at the airport of Geneva. Washington and Tehran for a long time does not maintain diplomatic relations with each other. Exchange welcomed, in particular, the President of the United States Donald trump and us Secretary of state Michael Pompeo.

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