The US army has not fought a real enemy for tens of years — an attack on Russia, China or Iran will result in an unpleasant surprise

Армия США не воевала с реальным противником десятки лет — нападение на Россию, Китай или Иран обернется неприятным сюрпризом

For several decades I’ve been covering military matters for various publications, for example for the Washington Times and Harper’s and he also wrote a military column for Universal Press Syndicate. To write about the weapons was interesting, almost like to fly on military aircraft or go on submarines under the water. But if seriously look at the study, as did I, we found out some interesting things. For example, a war with a country like Russia, China or even Iran would be a perfect adventure. Here are some highlights:

Unused army is in decline

The us Navy has not fought since 1945, and the air force from 1975. Also army waged heavy battles since Vietnam. Bombing defenseless peasants — the main function of the us military is not war.In long periods of peace (including the bombing peasants) in the army begin to believe that during their career major wars will not happen. Therefore, commanders begin to do something that simplifies their lives — day service was okay. There is no need to seek out the flaws of military training or equipment. Also there is no need to write reports with recommendations about increase of expenses for elimination of deficiencies. No need to make recommendations concerning a very expensive mobilization exercise that would distract the money for new weapons.Thus, the armored forces enough spare tracks for exercises, but not enough for intensive use of tanks in long battles. And when crisis comes, it turns out that to get the new tracks will have to sign a new contract with a vendor who shut down the production pipeline. The same is true for air filters — at the training grounds of the sand a bit, and in Iraq abound. Also for the situation of a real war lacks such ordinary things as shoes.Ammunition GAU-8 is in short supply, because the theory says that the F-35 will be able to destroy tanks. The Navy quickly come to an end “Tomahawk” and it turns out that the production of cruise missiles takes time. A lot of time.


The United States can not carry a large land war against such countries as Russia, China or Iran. Such a war would require a draft. Society can’t take it. America no longer has that Patriotic unity, which was in the beginning of the war against Vietnam. It won’t take heavy losses. Today, people are much more likely to not submit to the Federal government. Please note — many States have legalized marijuana despite Federal law, many departments across the country refuse to assist Federal immigration service.


The existing fleet has never been under fire and didn’t think it would ever happen. Most Navy ships are not protected and not armoured. One hit anti-ship missiles will take them down. This is as true for ships of the Aegis class Tico and the newer Arleigh Burkes.The aircraft carrier is a tank of jet fuel wrapped in explosives. The break of the hypersonic ballistic missile flight deck with the explosion in the hangar deck will require a year of repairs. Russians and Chinese are developing (have developed) missiles specially for the withdrawal of the aircraft carriers out of action. Please note that the range of these missiles is much more than carrier-based aircraft.

The weakness of the soldiers

In Vietnam the American war was fought tough guys, often from rural areas where people know how to handle arms and familiar with hard physical labor. Discipline was strong, the physical requirements are high.Today’s American army is ruined by the policy of social justice. Recruits no longer strong rural guys who know how to chop wood. Obesity has become commonplace. The Pentagon reduces physical standards, conceals racial problems, facilitates training. Officers are afraid of women in the army — one accused of sexism and no career.

The decomposition of the officers

During the long period of peace officers subject to decomposition. Officers, especially times participating in operations outside the country, especially from Lieutenant Colonel and above — entirely policy. Increase to fail, if not to lie for political reasons, for example, that in Afghanistan we are winning. Peacetime attracts careerists, who are moving, trying not to make unnecessary noise. Such “Patton” during the big wars will be screened through costly lives of soldiers.Today’s military will not achieve success against an equal fight with the Afghans, Russians or Iranians. The US army was unable to defeat the Afghan farmers in 18 years, in spite of superiority in aircraft, warships, weapons, armor, etc, What do you think would happen if they had to fight with the Taliban on equal terms — assault rifles, RPGs and nothing else?


The future is the enemy of the present.The military is not prepared for this war right now, because their attention is always focused on the future. For example, the Navy is now unable to defeat hypersonic anti-ship missiles, but someday when you develop the miracle laser, it may be able. They will give a lot of money to companies like Raytheon or Lockheed Martin, or anyone else, whether they create anything or not. What is really not particularly important, because no one seriously believes there will be war.This is the General thinking. America is preparing to adopt an Intercontinental nuclear bombers B-21 at a dreadful price. They are useless in everything except nuclear war, although then it will be useless, because ICBMs swept in the flaming wreckage of all that they could bomb.Why do they need? Because Northrop-Grumman so much money that its lobbyists throwing money in the pocket of the representatives of the Congress of the snow shovels. Everything revolves around money. Sometimes Congress is forcing the army to buy weapons, which the army makes clear, they do not need, such as tanks M-1 from the factory in Ohio. Because you need to give people jobs.In short, a lot of weapons are bought for economic reasons and not for military use.

Factor empty ignorance

One of my friends, a very known office, said that 90% of the senators do not know where is Myanmar (ie, the Strait of Hormuz, Malacca, South China sea). The likelihood that trump knows which countries are on the Caspian sea coast, zero. When I wrote about the army, very few in Congress and no one in the mainstream media knew nothing about the army armaments surface zvukopodrazhanii channel, deep sound channel, a pseudo-random control and optimization of the beam area convergence, the armor-piercing projectile with stabilizer and detachable tray — this is purely the prerogative of a narrow circle of people who care. Lawyers-turned-congressmen nothing about it at all did not hear, but all they vote on decisions about the army.

Repair facility

A real war is difficult in terms of security. There are combat damage or heavy wear. Really, America can’t lose, she may be exhausted and leave. If the US “loses” in Afghanistan or Syria, for Americans it won’t matter and few people will notice it. Because America is always at war with well protected bases and airfields, it can afford to use a weapon that requires constant care, often involving high-tech work. But not in a real war.During world war II, a fighter was just a modified truck engine, windshield, tires, stamped metal. If the job he flew stitched shells, repair crews with the appropriate training can quickly fix them directly to the hangar deck.After the great war, American aircraft almost always flew with a relatively safe bases. For example, during the Vietnam war, aircraft carriers were never endangered. After Vietnam, the air force rarely received even minor damage. Because the United States is always attacked the weaker enemy, the rate of departures and the repair time ceased to have meaning.And military used to such luxury.But now we have the F-35, the newest universal fighter obscene cost. Which is poorly designed and suffers from a host of endless problems. Reports from the technical press, it’s a hangar Queen with a small number of flights, poor availability and a complex set of electronics services.So the real war is not conducted.

As a happen of the war

Usually do not go as planned.Civil war was supposed to last one day at the battle of Manassas but lasted 4 years and turned around 650 thousands of victims. Napoleon thought that his attack on Russia will end when the French enter Moscow captured, not when the Russians would be in Paris. The first world was to last a few weeks and meant as maneuverable, but turned into 4 years of bloody trench battles. The Japanese army did not think that at the end of the war, the soldiers of the US army will buy their daughters a drink in Tokyo, as well as the Germans did not expect that the Russian infantry will be in Berlin. The Americans thought that they would lose in Vietnam and the Russians in Afghanistan. And so on.This is partly because the military is always too cocky. It is impossible to talk to the Marines that they are mediocre at best light infantry and the fleet — just a floating target. Instead, it is believed that American armed forces are always best equipped, the best trained, bravest and generally most formidable warriors, which saw the world. Only it’s not.Suppose Bolton would start his war against Iran. Advisors tell him that it will be short, sweet, accurate and generally a cakewalk. Didn’t we hear this before? The Navy promises that can keep the Gulf of Hormuz open. But Iran somehow does not follow the script and not giving up. Of the Navy, to his surprise, could not detect deeply buried or located on the platform of the truck anti-ship missiles that continue to beat the tankers. They continue to burn. Soon nobody wants to insure. They cease to come. Three weeks of the war and the world gasps in the Creek, requiring oil, end the war there, a trump could not admit they were wrong and Bolton wants to throw Tehran a nuclear bomb.Or Washington in the South China sea begins to apply pressure, accidental collision resulting in the shooting and papacy batanovtsi order the fleet to teach the chink a lesson. Suddenly, the Chinese anti-ship missiles are much better than expected, the aircraft carrier put out of action and three destroyers turned into scrap metal.What’s next? Washington cannot accept defeat. On the one hand, it would put an end to the credibility of America as a hegemonic power, and all at once wanted to purchase a Chinese anti-ship missiles. Vanity plays a big role in world Affairs than say the textbooks. And Washington is stupid and inevitably begins with China a full-scale war. From this point on everything becomes unpredictable.

Nuclear war

Incurable stupidity people say that a nuclear war can be won. But think about it — American cities can’t feed themselves. Three days without food supply and the people will sweep away everything from the shelves. Week and a can of tuna will kill them. In two weeks they will start eating each other. Very little nuclear bombs at transportation hubs will break supply chain delivery of food for months. Even smaller cobalt bombs designed to cause maximum damage radiation will poison the entire agricultural zone for decades.”Defense intellectuals” tend to be dumb enough to live on trees, they do chatter about escalation dominance, intimidation factor and impenetrable missile defense. They’re crazy.That is why it is bad when the authorities are those who believe they can win the war.

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