The US economy will lose more than $3 billion from the final episode of “Game of thrones”

Экономика США потеряет более $3 млрд из-за финальной серии «Игры престолов»

The company’s experts have calculated how much you will lose, the US economy due to the latest episode of “Game of thrones”.

The final episode will be released on may 19th and his wish to see tens of millions of Americans.

Data on losses are based on a poll conducted by the Institute of labor resources of the company Kronos. So, about 10 million people in the US don’t come to work on Monday, may 20. Another 2.9 million people will be late for work, and 3.4 million plan to work remotely. It is noted that due to the loss of the American economy because of the interest in the series may be 3.3 billion dollars.

The television series “Game of thrones” is based on the novels by George R. R. Martin’s “a Song of ice and fire”. The first season was released on 17 April 2011. The series has become one of the most expensive projects in the history of American TV.