The US has blacklisted five hotels in Cuba

США внесли в черный список пять гостиниц на Кубе

The United States has made to its blacklist of in Cuba, five Cuban hotels, which are owned by the armed forces of the island nation. This is stated in a statement the state Department statement, Secretary of state Michael Pompeo.

I announce the decision to upgrade to blacklist Cuba. Five companies owned by the Cuban military, included in the list of entities with whom direct financial transaction, is generally prohibited, “—said the chief of American diplomacy.

We are talking about a hotel in the capital, another in the resort town of Varadero, as well as three in the archipelago of Jardines del Rey. The decision of the head of the American foreign Ministry shall come into force on 19 November.

Pompeo reminded that on November 16, Cuba celebrates the 500th anniversary of Havana. “When Havana was one of the most dynamic and prosperous cities of North and South America. This anniversary was not a celebration, but a sad reminder of how the revolution continues to deceive the expectations of the people, capturing the Cuban economy, but not reforming it to realize the economic potential of Cuba and forcibly ignoring the voices of Cubans who continue to fight for freedom, “said Pompeo. He noted that the U.S. is “still committed to ensuring that U.S. funds are not directly supported by the state security apparatus of Cuba.”

In Cuba entered into force a new Constitution. More of 6.81 million Cubans voted to approve a new Constitution on the Caribbean nation last February 24, the popular will, representing 73.3% of all citizens entitled to vote. According to the National electoral Commission of Cuba, the turnout in the referendum was 84.4%.

To consider the liberalization of state policy, under the new Constitution, deputies of the National Assembly of people’s power began last summer.

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