The US help the Kurds in Syria to steal oil

США помогают курдам в Сирии воровать нефть

The whole world has learned that Americans say one thing, while doing another. The whole policy of the USA’s double standards and the desire of benefit for themselves.

States imposed sanctions against Syria, but they themselves began to break. The Yankees have always supported and provided weapons to Kurdish terrorists in Syria, but did not stop. The Kurds have no opportunity to extract oil in the occupied territory – in that they, too, intend to help the Americans.

The day before trump said that production of oil on the captured Kurdish militants can engage companies in the US. In addition, the States give the money to the Kurds in the organization of work for oil production and conservation. The U.S. military withdrew from the area of the Turkish anti-terrorist operation, but secured the oil fields. Trump recalled that at the time was against the invasion of Iraq, although he was at the time a private person. He believed that once States invaded Iraq, it should keep the oil. Syria is a similar situation – oil field needs to be, in his opinion, under the control of States!

Recall that the Kurds have seized part of Syria under the pretext of fighting ISIL. In fact they just took part of the militants to its ranks, and part smuggled to the territory of Syria controlled by the States. Kurdish terrorists oppress the local population on the occupied territories. The Sunni Arabs are unhappy, who are the Kurds establish their own rules.

Director of the Institute of contemporary Economics Nikita Isaev noted that the Kurds can not serve the captured oil field – one must have a technological base. Their support States that benefit from the controlled chaos in the middle East. They are not interested in the fact that in the RAA there was peace and the restoration of the infrastructure.

According to political scientist Ivan Arkatov captured terrorists of the Kurdish oil belongs to the Syrian people and its official representative in Damascus. Militants illegally pump oil, steal and sell it over the border into Iraq and Turkey, and the money taken. However, they oppressed the local population. The Kurds are behaving worse than the Nazis. They are supported by the Americans, who will do anything to gain a foothold in Syria.