The US is provoking Europe to deny support to Ukraine

США провоцируют Европу отказать в поддержке Украине

© RIA Novosti, Alexei vitvitskiybill of the US budget for next year will be complemented by sanctions amendments that are not yet available, but according to the Republican Senator Jimmy Risha, they are equivalent to the bill on European energy security Senator Ted Cruz, which was never passed by the Senate and Congress.If so, then we are talking about sanctions against European campaigns involved in the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”.

The most actively acting against Russia, senators and congressmen took up this desperate step because a separate law against the pipeline quickly prepare will fail. In addition, he has very little chance of becoming law, because even if the Congress, where most lawmakers are members of the Democratic party, will endorse it in the Senate, controlled by Republicans, it will certainly fail. In fact, that same fate befell the initiative of Ted Cruz.Here the situation is somewhat different. When discussing the military budget, and opponents of sanctions against Russia will be put in a very difficult position. To speak against the amendments means to be in the thankless role of defenders of “Gazprom”. And this is too much even for the most appropriate representatives of the American political elite. Therefore, the prospect of sanctions is not zero, and moreover, the chances of approval are significantly higher than to failure.

If you take the bill Ted Cruz, you can imagine what kind of limitations you plan to impose on the European participants of the “Nord Stream — 2”. Persons having relation to the construction of the pipeline will be denied entry into the United States. Their property, Bank accounts, dollar assets and the assets of companies providing a variety of services may be subject to arrest.

Actually on approval of the budget of the Pentagon and the preparation of spectacled Secretary of state, which should be made to the list of sanctioned individuals and companies, will take several months. Most likely by the time of the entry of sanctions into effect the construction of the pipe is completed. Well, almost complete. And if you take into account the fact that the bill European companies given a month to withdraw from the project “Nord stream — 2”, it becomes clear that sanctions “the club”, as long as it is working, nobody will be punished. In addition, a high probability that trump zavetiruet budget. In the end, it’s almost a year blocked the adoption of the so-called “draconian sanctions.”

The problem is that their own senators and congressmen from the most desperate of fans in Russia are forcing trump to move in the direction that he, with varying success trying the whole period of stay in power to change to the opposite. The administration’s position in relation to the “Nord stream — 2” is well known. New Ambassador of the USA in Russia John Sullivan commented on this thread more than clearly. According to him, the sanctions can raise the cost of construction of the pipeline, but will not stop it.

In fact, Gazprom, the leading European States, mainly Germany, are willing to sanction regime. If it will take effect sooner than will be completed laying of the pipeline, the Russian energy giant will simply buy the Western campaign, subject to the sanctions and will complete the construction of their own. That Moscow had informed the German leadership.

This situation threatens very unpleasant consequences for Ukraine. The us official position is opposition to the “Nord stream -2” for two reasons: concern about the energy security of Europe, which increases its dependence on Russian fuel, and concern for the future of Ukraine. It is in the case of installation of alternative delivery route for Russian gas to Europe will lose the opportunity to make a transit.

Led the United States with the European Union trade war, and two major European powers — France and Germany in particular — you can choose a very simple and effective way of vengeance to Washington for the attack on their economic interests. If America supposedly protects the transit position of Ukraine (which is actually very doubtful), old Europe, there is no need to go in the Wake of American interests. If earlier the European Commission, the highest Executive body of the EU, the negotiations with Gazprom were on the side of “Naftogaz”, maintaining its absurd demands, then soon disposition can change dramatically. One day, arriving in Brussels, guests from Kiev will be unpleasantly surprised, suddenly found that the EU does not intend to insist that Russia saved the Ukrainian transit.Andrei Babitsky

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