The US military in Syria-militants “Dzhebhat al-Watani Lil-Tahrir”

Военных США в Сирии обстреляли боевики «Джебхат аль-Ватания лил Тахрир»

The situation in Syria remains tense. Yesterday, the US military leaned out from their base “Siren” that are in the vicinity of the bridge Karkotak, came under fire.

Nominated together with the column of military equipment, the Americans headed East SAR to the border with Iraq, but to get to the destination failed. In Hasaka, the jihadists were waiting for them from “Dzhebhat al-Watani Lil-Tahrir,” which opened at the Yankees shooting. It is unknown if any of the Americans killed and wounded.

Radical Islamists have long been rampant in the area. They shoot not only in military but also civilians. Eve came under fire from the specialists of the international medical organization “Doctors without borders” – 1 person died on the spot, many were wounded.

It is known that the war in Syria lasts since 2011. The Americans, who heads the International coalition, are in Syria in 2014. The United States arrived in a sovereign country without invitation from the authorities of the SAR and the relevant resolution of the UN security Council. The us just put all before the fact by posting in the SAR bases and becoming a full party to the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Americans support Syria’s opposition forces under the guise of fighting ISIS. In fact, the Yankees are cooperating with the Kurds-terrorists, with whom they extract and sell oil outside the cap and are cashing in on this.

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