The us national debt reached a record value of $ 23 trillion

Американский госдолг достиг рекордного значения в $ 23 трлн

According to the data announced by the US Treasury Department, the country’s public debt reached a record high of 23 trillion dollars.

As follows from the document, this figure is actual as at 31 Oct. According to some American experts, the growth of the national debt has accelerated since the advent of the post of President of the United States Donald trump. At the time of his inauguration he was “only” $ 19,9 trillion.

The fact that the current administration has committed itself to achieving its objectives due to the growth of the national debt edition of the Hill told respected analyst Michael Peterson (CEO of the Peter Peterson Foundation), who called this course “unreasonable”.

“Achieving a debt of $ 23 trillion for Halloween is a frightening frontier for our economy and next-generation, but Washington shows no fear,” — said the expert.According to TASS, analysts of the International monetary Fund (IMF) with this assessment entirely agree and believe that by 2023, the state dog, the United States will exceed 117% of GDP.And the forecast of the congressional Budget office is even more dramatic — they believe that the national debt 2049 will increase to 144% of GDP. However, until this can no longer be reached — according to us Congressman Andy Biggs, so U.S. default will be no later than 2030.

As reported by Colossal, Russia in August 2019 have increased their investments in U.S. debt. The Russian share rose to $ 9.3 billion, mainly due to short-term bonds.

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