The US state Department wants to eliminate the position of special envoy for Ukraine – media

Госдеп США хочет ликвидировать должность спецпредставителя по Украине, – СМИ

It will be the responsibility of other state Department officials

The US state Department is likely to eliminate the position of special representative for Ukraine, which was previously occupied by Kurt Walker.

This publication reports Foreign Policy, citing some U.S. officials.

It is expected that it will be the responsibility of other state Department officials dealing with Ukraine.

“Care of the special representative, part-time work which was not paid, is one of the first tangible signs that the consequences of the investigation of impeachment has influenced US policy towards Ukraine, which is now in the centre of a growing political battle for the presidency of Donald trump”, – writes the edition.

According to media reports, the US administration will not be easy to find someone for the post of special envoy for Ukraine, given how ambiguous was the situation in relations between the US and Ukraine.

Those American diplomats who had worked in Ukraine, faced with the practice of intimidation by lawyers of the Department of state, or their career was put in jeopardy, the newspaper notes.

One of the interviewees said that the state Department would be “difficult to find someone who will agree to touch this work, even a three-meter stick.”

“No one in their right mind would want this job. This is a clear problem when the whole world will be watching your every movement,” said a former official of the United States.