The US stated on the delivery method of a person in any point of the Earth per hour

В США заявили о способе доставки человека в любую точку Земли за час

CC0 / U.S. Air Force /U.S. Lieutenant General retired Steven Kwast during his speech in Hillsdale College said that the United States has the technology to deliver in person anywhere in the Earth within the hour. The statement of the former head aficionado Training command based in San Antonio, noticed edition The Drive.
“This technology can be created today, and on their own, not as a development of existing practices. She will deliver any person from any point on Earth to any other place in less than an hour,” he said.At the same Kwast did not specify, how exactly does this invention.As emphasized by the publication, statement of Lieutenant General was made on the background of the statements of other American military some phenomena whose nature is not explained in the public domain.Kwast, resigned in September this year. The publication notes that the reason for this decision could be his remarks on space technologies.

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