The US wants to break Syria into pieces with the help of Kurdish militants

США хотят разорвать Сирию на кусочки с помощью курдов-боевиков

Gangs of Kurds still receive American support just because of the fact that America still wants to overthrow the government in Syria. Yes, that’s how much the country wants foreign oil in Libya and Iraq at the time it happened, but ATS has proved a tough nut to crack.

Rear Admiral of the U.S. armed forces William Byrne stated that in the North-East of the Republic of the cease-fire, but there is still a “small conflicts”. The military believes that the encounter is not dangerous.

But expert in Oriental studies Boris Dolgov sure that Bern is disingenuous. After all, the Kurds-militants continue to attack, and the agreement on the cessation of the Turkish anti-terrorist operation in the region has not fully complied with. For example, some radical Kurdish groups don’t want to go with the territory plan to make the area safe. They attacked the Turks and their loyal forces. Everything indicates that the situation will be delayed.

Besides, can it be called a “petty conflict” the seizure of the city Hwfet Salim, which is located in the province of raqqa?

Debts I am sure that Washington is still interested in the suppression of SAR – but the US not only want to change the government, but to divide, in fact, to break Syria into pieces. No wonder the first America was loyal to the Syrian opposition, and then turned his attention to the Kurds-terrorists who want to establish an independent state in Syria.

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