The use of antibiotics may lead to unpleasant diseases

Употребление антибиотиков может привести к неприятным заболеваниям

Scientists found that antibiotics in the form of oral means seriously increases the risk of developing kidney stones. This is the first case, when antibiotics associated with kidney disease, reports Science Daily.

To the question about what contributes to stone formation in the kidneys, science has no exact answer. But the new data allow scientists to conclude that oral antibiotics play a role in the development of this disorder. Moreover, due to the use of antibiotics for kidney stones began to appear even in children, the sooner doctors almost never encountered.

“The overall prevalence of kidney stones over the last 30 years has increased by 70%, especially among teenagers and young women. Given that children are prescribed antibiotics more often than adults, we believe it is possible to talk about the impact of these drugs on stone formation in the kidneys,” said in this regard, the study leader Gregory Tasian, a doctor at Children’s hospital of Philadelphia.

The results of the research were published in “the journal of the American society of Nephrology”. The team of specialists analyzed the preliminary effects of antibiotics on nearly 26 000 patients with kidney stones, comparing the obtained data with information about 260 000 patients without kidney stones. This analysis confirmed that several types of oral antibiotics are associated with the occurrence of kidney disease.

“We found five classes of antibiotics were oral sulfates, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, nitrofurantoin and penicillins broad-spectrum. Patients treated with sulfa drugs, had 2 times higher risk of formation of kidney stones. In patients who received broad-spectrum penicillins, the risk was increased by 27%,” — said the authors.

In addition, scientists have observed that even several years after antibiotic use, the risk of kidney stones although somewhat reduced, however overall still remained high.

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