The use of firearms by the police in the “significant increase”

A police officer (Figure). — P. MAGNIEN / 20 MINUTES

The fire of intimidation or warning of a sharp increase in. The police of the police was noted during the first half of 2017 “a significant increase in the use of firearms” by the police, a-t-on learned from a police source, confirming the contents of a note revealed Wednesday by TF1-LCI.

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During the first six months of 2017, the declarations of use of the weapon individual increased 39,58 % compared to 2016, up from 116 to 192. According to the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN), the increase was already underway by the end of 2016.

“Indicative of the increase in violence against police officers”

Nine months after the adoption by Parliament of a law relaxing the rules of self-defence for police officers, the number of shots in the direction of dangerous persons ” to kill or injure “, remains stable year-on-year, from 17 to 19. In contrast, the firing or intimidation of summation register ” the strongest “, with an increase of 89,47 % (from two to 19 shots).

“In the majority of cases, these shots are made while the officers were surrounded and attacked by a group of individuals threatening, armed and increasingly often in balaclavas,” notes the IGPN.

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“In most of these situations, self-defence would allow the police officers to return their weapons in the direction of their attackers. These shots are, therefore, justified and justifiable, and have not in the state to be “discouraged”, “the IGPN, according to which, they are” indicative of the increase in violence against police officers “.

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“A risk is non-negligible for staff or users”

In another paper, published in July, the IGPN is alarmed at the number of “important” shots accidental with the new long arms, including some used in police units, primary caregivers since the terrorist attacks of 2015.

During the first six months of the year, 19 shots with these weapons have been listed, of which 18 are accidental. To 2016, “this figure is already high, stood at 65 %,” notes the police of the police. These statements of fire through negligence, primarily in the use of assault rifles G36, and submachine guns Beretta 12SD.

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According to the IGPN, the cause of these unintentional shootings can be explained ” by a failure to master weapons more complex and cumbersome “. If the IGPN noted that the 18 uses of the weapon ” have fortunately not been the victim “, it should today take into account the risk non-negligible for staff or service users “.

“These weapons are necessary on the operational level, require a level of competence more important and may not be re-staffing of civil servants, certainly trained and empowered but also trained and experienced in their manipulation,” stressed the IGPN.