The use of tangerine peels in the garden and in the garden

Find out about what benefit this side of new year’s product can bring in the period of the summer season.

Застосування мандаринових корок в городі і в саду

Garden protection from moth

In horticulture often arises the problem of whose name the Codling moth. This little pest is able to deprive a person of a good part quality yield, if the amount exceeds the permissible norm, informs Rus.Media.

Citrus will help to correct the situation, and to preserve the fruits of hard physical labor. With this purpose, it is recommended to collect 0.5 liters of skins of tangerines, pour them into a 10 litre bucket and cover with water. Then it all infuse for a day, and after boiling for 15 minutes.

Once the tool has cooled, it should mix well, strain and pour 30 grams of urea. The resulting solution is recommended to spray fruit trees. In case of a rainy spring like this tangerine broth should be sprayed before the trees bloom flowers.

Fighting with ants

Ant colony is a source of numerous troubles in the suburban area. These little creatures are able to sneak into the house in search of delicious food to spoil young plantings of vegetable crops, breeding of aphids, the damage from which is really huge. Moreover, despite the minimal dimensions, the ants withdraw from its territory very difficult, but possible. One of the options eviction involves the use of a slurry of fresh Mandarin peel. From a pair of three fruits need to remove the peel, grind it in a blender (grate).

The slurry is then mixed with a small amount of water, puree. It needs to be spread out along the trails that the pest has laid on the garden beds. If the area is full ant, it is possible to pour dry citrus powder, diluted in a large amount of liquid. The disadvantage of this method is that the ants will likely not leave the city, but dramatically change the place of residence, chosen, for example, unnecessary piece of land under the fence.

Otpaivaem cats

From them reasons cats love to lie on the flower bed, killing hopes for a good harvest.

To avoid this with your plantings, you can do the following: in problem areas to sort of coffee leaves mixed with grated citrus peels.

And you can just throw skins on a bed and the beds, only will have to change them after each watering or rain.

Eliminate aphids and small caterpillars

Twisted in a meat grinder tangerine, orange and lemon peel help get rid of aphids, scale insects and small caterpillars.

With this aim in preparing this mixture for spraying:

  • Three kilograms of fresh skins, crushed using the grinder, you pour 10 liters of heated water;
  • Warehouse, located in glass containers, tightly sealed and sent 5 days in a warm dark place;
  • The mixture was then carefully filtered through gauze, and quickly poured into small bottles of lemonade or beer;
  • The latter was sealed and filled with wax/garden pitch, and put in a cool place. There you can store them until use.

The use of this improvised tools from aphids and other pests listed above, is this: take 100 g of finished tincture, mixed with 10 liters of water, and the resulting solution sprayed the plants that require treatment.

Getting rid of such pests as thrips and spider mites

The skin is taken a pair of citrus, crushed and pour 1 liter of hot water. The container with the billet is placed for a week in a dark room, then put a little liquid soap, and all filtered through several layers of cheesecloth.

This means you can spray landing on which there are colonies of aphids, spider mites or thrips. This is done once per week and number of treatments depends on the number of pests and the magnitude of damage caused by them.

In addition to all that mentioned above, is to add the following: citrus peels can be dried and put directly into the wells or grooves, intended for planting seedlings or sowing of carrots. If you believe experienced gardeners, this technique allows to protect the future crop from the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm.

As you can see, to eco-products with his infield is not as difficult as it may seem.

The national Treasury is rich in prescription drugs, is able to deliver almost all pests, you only need to experiment and not give up.

You generous yields!