The utility of Chisinau took over the cleaning of blocked storm drains

The utility of Chisinau took over the cleaning of the storm drains. They clogged with dirt. Because of this, after every rain the streets of the Moldovan capital into the rivers, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Irina Glushko.

On the streets Calea Iesilor resident of Chisinau Daniel Shevchenko commute to work every day. But only in dry weather. During the rains the road floods and it’s dangerous.

“I had a situation when I was driving in heavy rain. It so happened that the truck drove past me. Water overflowed, and I was left without a bumper. Then had to call a tow truck, gave a lot of money,” says Daniel.

This area is located in the valley, so flooding not only the road. During the rains the basement floods, and in some places the ground floors of buildings.

According to public utilities, storm drains clean regularly, but it is useless. Water flows through them sewers, the outputs of which are clogged. So threads go nowhere.

“The outputs from the collectors was not cleaned for a long time. How many years can not say. These outputs are now silted. They are functional by about 20%. For this reason, a large amount of water is not captured, and so it goes on the asphalt”, – said the head of the Sewerage Department of the municipal enterprise Adrian Costin.

Collectors in the city a little and all problem. From here must flow water collected from the whole area, but the drain is silted. Clearing it two graders. According to the workers, in addition to the Il, there’s debris: a lot of bottles, packages and branches.

“We cleaned for about 100 meters. Scoopable Il approximately feet deep to allow water to flow more easily. Then Il export,” – said worker Vasile Danuta.

Experts note that for the normal functioning of the system it is necessary to clear the course of urban river the Bull. After heavy rains the water level in it has risen and blocked the exits of the headers.