the vaccination campaign will start on Friday in the Landes

    the vaccination campaign will start on Friday in the Landes

    Residents of three Landes nursing homes will be vaccinated on Friday January 8, information issued by the departmental delegation of the Nouvelle-#Aquitaine regional health agency. A second, more massive wave of vaccination is planned in other nursing homes in the department from Wednesday, January 13.

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    It seems that the vaccination campaign has been accelerated following the wishes of the President of the Republic. It was initially due to start in the Landes on January 18.

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    The first vaccines will arrive in the department on Thursday, January 7, then will be carefully kept in a fridge, the location of which is kept secret. 5,000 doses will then arrive on Tuesday, January 12 for the second wave of vaccination.

    The public of nursing homes is targeted, and next week the campaign will be extended to health professionals over 50 years of these structures, but also to liberal doctors. Caregivers under the age of 50 who suffer from a pathology may also be vaccinated.

    As a reminder, France has chosen to administer the vaccine, that of Pfizer / BioNTech, in two doses.

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