The vaccine against the COVID-19 should be, in general, free in the United States

Le vaccin contre la COVID-19 devrait être, en général, gratuit aux États-Unis

If an experimental vaccine against the coronavirus proven, it will be distributed free of charge to the Americans, said the administration of Donald Trump on Thursday, reiterating that the approval process would be done in the most scientific rigor.

“We hope that every American will not only have access to a free vaccine distributed in various sites, but it will have nothing to pay for the administration of the vaccine,” said Paul Mango, a senior official of the ministry of Health, during a conference call with journalists.

Washington has invested more than$ 10 billion in the six vaccine projects and signed contracts guaranteeing the delivery of hundreds of millions of doses, if the clinical trials were conclusive and led to an authorization by the us Agency of drugs (FDA).

The doses themselves will be paid for by the u.s. government. Physicians or clinics that will inject the vaccine to the people will have to be paid, but these costs should be largely borne by private insurers and public programs such as Medicare, including for people without insurance, according to Paul Mango, who said that “most” private insurers were to agree to do not charge still have to charge it.

But the u.s. health care system is broken out between insurers, public and private, and the price being free, the 100% reimbursement to patients will depend on the negotiation between multiple actors.

“We are on track to deliver hundreds of millions of doses by January 2021”, has also insisted Paul Mango.

Will follow three months to distribute 300 million doses to the U.s., according to Francis Collins, director of the national Institutes of health (NIH).

“I am cautiously optimistic that at least one of them (of the six experimental vaccines) be proven as safe and effective by the end of the year,” he also said.

The question that agitates the experts and the opposition democratic party to Donald Trump is whether the approval process of the FDA will be rushed under pressure of the White House, as the president has said many times, to hope for a permission by the presidential election of November 3.

“We have not reduced the regulatory rigour with which we will assess and, I hope, will allow vaccines”, has hammered Paul Mango.

The counter-example is the vaccine approved by the Russia this week, even before the beginning of the last phase of clinical trials, the phase when the experimental vaccine is injected into tens of thousands of volunteers to verify the safety and effectiveness.

“I really doubt” that the Russians have “proved definitively that the vaccine is safe and effective,” commented Thursday separately Anthony Fauci, when a panel of National Geographic online.

Francis Collins has compared the decision by russia to give the green light to the vaccine, Sputnik V, to “Russian roulette”.

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