The valley of geysers in the mating season of the bears was closed from prying eyes

Долину гейзеров в брачный период медведей закрыли от любопытных глаз

The valley of geysers in Kronotsky reserve in Kamchatka was closed for tourists, so they do not interfere with the bears in the mating season, according to the website of the reserve.

“Suspended the planned tourist excursions. The presence of people and the noise of helicopters may adversely affect the welfare of groups of brown bears in this important time for them”, – stated in the message.

Campers will not be able to visit this place until June 30.

According to a researcher at the Institute of water and ecological problems Feb RAS Sergey Kolchin, every day we can meet up to 15 individuals at a time. Therefore, it is important that the animals feel safe. Large males, the most sensitive, are unable to mate and leave the valley. In addition, most animals avoid excursion paths and lose access to the grass.

At the time of the “period of silence” when brown bears are concentrated in a soaring canyon, a complete ban on a scenic flight over the gorge of the geyzernaya river. The introduction of temporary restrictions are intended to prevent tourists from a meeting with aggressive predators.