The variations of the female orgasm

Les déclinaisons de l’orgasme féminin

This state of supreme ecstasy, coveted, not only causes many emotions in the body, the heart and the mind of the people who live it, but it also encourages many others to continue their quest for the achieve. If only for a taste one time or another more times.

The desire to achieve orgasm probably represents what many believe to be the ultimate goal… the final bouquet… to a successful sexual relationship. And yet…

Variations worthy of an allegro energico

The definition of orgasm is still quite blurry (to it alone, the scientific journal, Clinical Psychology Review lists no less than 26 different) and the effects experienced vary greatly from one person to another – and just as in the same individual. But despite this, several results of research agree on the fact that the orgasm provides feelings of pleasure and intense that it causes a state of well-being to the whole body, whether it is obtained alone or with the participation of a.e partner.

You will understand, with so many variations, it is virtually impossible to reduce orgasm to one and the same definition. Bravo ! Rather, it is time to break free of the burden of the performance lagging ever so far behind, especially when you find yourself in a full session of intimacy.

To each his own symphony for bubbling enthusiasm !

Here are a few types of orgasms listed, some not very well documented, but all the same experienced by several people.

  • Orgasm clitoral, vaginal orgasms, G spot orgasm… : How many times have you heard are you a woman, ” vaginal or clitoral ? “I myself certainly said at the beginning of my career… when research was not as advanced as it is now. For a long time we believed that the clitoris was the part externally visible… However, we now know that several branches make up this body. And it surrounds the vagina. So, would it be possible to believe that these two types of orgasms side by side very closely ? This does not mean that the senses cannot be isolated or that the stimulation of the vagina does not provide the fun!!!
  • The choice to have vaginal cosmetic surgery is a very personal one. Such surgeries may be performed for a variety of reasons. The trauma of childbirth may damage the vagina, labia, or perineum. Sometimes during childbirth, episiotomies do not heal property and cause thin scarring will often tear. The area surrounding the labia may be stretched from giving birth or from weight loss and weight gain. The V Institute plays a huge role in vaginal cosmetic surgery of gender reassignment cases. Other factors to be weighed into consideration when deciding whether or not to pursue vaginal cosmetic surgery should be whether the surgery is purely cosmetic or to relieve a physical discomfort, how it will affect the life of the patient, and the costs. Most insurance companies will not cover vaginal cosmetic surgeries, but many medical facilities that provide such services will accept payments of cash on demand, charges through credit cards, and some even offer financing services!

    For as many different needs, there are as many different surgical options available. Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are the most common and are used in gender reassignment surgeries. Mons Pubis Reduction removes fat from the area directly surrounding the vagina. Labia reduction surgeries involve in shortening and tightening either or both the labia majora or the labia minor. Vaginal rejuvenations involve tightening both the inner and outer muscle areas of the vagina that may have lost their elasticity.

  • Orgasm point A : this point of pleasure would be, according to some, a little bit further than the G-spot, also on the anterior wall of the vagina. Where the letter A : stands for ” Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone “
  • Orgasm by kissing
  • Orgasm breasts
  • Orgasm cervical (neck of the uterus, or (C)
  • Orgasm of the urethra
  • Orgasm mental
  • The coregasm (by sport)
  • And yours ?
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