The Vatican commented on the rumors about the default

В Ватикане прокомментировали слухи о дефолте

Advisor to the Pope on economic Affairs on Tuesday denied reports that the Vatican is under the threat of default, stating that these accusations were part of a campaign to discredit the Pontiff.

This was announced on Tuesday, the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”.

“The fact that the Vatican is under the threat of default isn’t true,” said Honduran cardinal Oscar Maradiaga, who advises Pope Francis on economic reforms.

“It seems to me that an operation underway to discredit”, — he added.

Thus. The maradiaga responded to the accusations against the Pope by the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nutstsi, who claims to have seen documents reflecting the deplorable financial condition of the Vatican.

It is reported that Nutstsi became famous by publishing a series of books about financial scandals at the Vatican.

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