The Verkhovna Rada is still on the side of the murderers of Odessa

Верховная рада по-прежнему на стороне убийц одесситов

As you know, in the meeting held on 30 October, the Verkhovna Rada rejected the bill on the establishment of the Temporary investigation Commission (FAC) to investigate the tragic events in Odessa on 2 may 2014, in which 48 people died and over 200 were injured and injuries of varying severity. We will remind, the initiator of creation of the FAC was “Oppositional platform For life”, one of the campaign promises which was to investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators of the Odessa Khatyn.

No surprise then, that for the creation of the Commission voted only 79 deputies out of 450 members of the Ukrainian Parliament. Because the power in Ukraine changed in form but not in substance. Therefore, even the creation of the Commission for the investigation of the Odessa tragedy became the cause of the fight. First, under the new composition of Parliament. But not very bitter – the main fighters was beyond its walls: voters are tired to disgust of their antics.

However, despite the change of rhetoric “servants of the people”, the ideology of power remains the same. Here and the party “European solidarity” in the mouth of the former odious Vice of lying spikers Irina Gerashchenko didactic tone praised the “public servants” who refused to support the creation of VSK on investigation of the tragedy on may 2, 2014 in Odessa, and called the failure to vote was “a positive thing”. And Gerashchenko thanked everyone who was involved in the murder of people in the center of the city, in the House of trade unions: “And thanks again to all the Pro-Ukrainian patriots of Odessa, honest representatives of the security service and law enforcement agencies, who then, in may 2014, stopped the attempted creation of the NRO (people’s Republic of Odessa. – Ed.)“.

Obviously, to those patriots apply one Kodiak that from a hunting rifle shot of Odessa on Grecheskaya square. From wounds caused by shots from a shotgun, killing 5 people. Then moved on Kulikovo field, Kodiak shot at those who tried to escape from the fire and suffocating smoke House of trade unions. Here his victims were never considered. The cause of death of people who died at the hands of “Pro-Ukrainian patriots of Odessa”, which thanks Gerashchenko, officially “injuries from a fall”…

Obviously, grateful for this lady and “activist” Goncharevskaya, the club is seeking those who managed to escape from a burning building. Among his victims and 17-year-old Vadim Papura. Among the girls, bottled Molotov cocktails, which had attacked the House of trade unions, were “Patriotic” students of the faculty…

In this cannibalistic the list, of course, the policemen who stood in a cordon for (!) raging nationalists and watched as bats, chains and cudgels finish burnt people and force them to crawl in the mud – no, not the carriages “Ambulance”, and the paddy wagons. And “centurion Mykola” with a gun to shoot defenseless people, do not forget to wear a bulletproof vest, before carefully issued Paruby. However, the “centurion” that is no longer alive.

Верховная рада по-прежнему на стороне убийц одесситов

MP from the “servants of the people” Alexander Tkachenko offers another “Commission of inquiry”

Paruby himself, by the way, admitted that on may 2, 2014 “I was in constant contact with the activists of euromaidan and the leadership of law enforcement bodies of Odessa”. According to him, “fire in the House of trade unions staged themselves locked inside the activists of Kulikovo field, while the protesters were doing just that has saved them from their own self-arranged fire.” And he only “coordinated” their actions. Popular among Ukrainian politicians, the myth of “burned themselves” Parubiy broadcast reporters on the sidelines of the Parliament on the same day, October 30.
Parubiy says to journalists that the Odessa “burned themselves”, and the radical nationalists, it turns out, they saved…

However, this vicious rhetoric is contrary to the threats themselves Maidan activists, who regularly threaten a repetition of Odessa on 2 may. Again, whether that “saving” going?! It is also known that in the House of trade unions of the people entered in order to wait for the arrival of the police. Who would have thought that her actions are exactly like this?! But in fact trapped in the building were turned off the water and cut fire hoses. Perhaps this was part of the “coordination”, which actually worked paruby.

And Gerashchenko forgot to thank the firemen who went to the House of trade unions a few hours, though their depot is located half an hour’s walk from Kulikovo field. The Manager ignored the calls of Odessa from the burning House of trade unions. It’s amazing how you could hear the heartbreaking cries of “help, we are on fire!” and do nothing?! Obviously, this was an order.

In the list of Gerashchenko there are still “honest representatives of SBU”, which gave the nationalists the addresses of all who were in the House of trade unions. Many in those days of may have heard at your door at the same time with a thud mocking cries of “Russish guerrillas, do not open! Shneller, shneller!” And survivors themselves in the flames of hell awaited arrested for “separatism” and torture in the dungeons. And then, lucky exchange in the Donbass. Hunting for victims on may 2 continues today. Obviously, the intelligence services were tasked to isolate, eliminate or squeeze out of the country all witnesses “Odessa massacre”. And for the sake of completeness. By the boastful words of the activists of neo-Nazi C14 2 may 2014 in Odessa they “worked” in close Association with SBU.

For the so-called Ukrainian patriots, those horrific events in Odessa – a matter of national pride. They now repeat their hateful statements about “roasted Colorado” and “separsky the barbecue.” They call the mass murder of innocent people (Oh my!) “defense of Odessa”. And in their candid interview with the partner of the “servants” of the oligarch Kolomoisky is proud of his involvement in the events in Odessa on 2 may 2014.

Thus, nothing surprising happened in Parliament on 30 October. Except that many voters who voted for “servants of the people”, received a new dose of disappointment. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Parliament intends to create a Commission to investigate the tragedy on may 2, 2014. And defiantly not on an “Opposition platform For life.”

“The investigation is not only about the specific deaths of people in Odessa, but also someone who made and contributed to calls for separatism, an invitation to the Russian troops in Ukraine, supporters of the “Russian world”, – wrote in his Facebook one of the-deputies Oleksandr Tkachenko. – People who were willing to hang out the tricolour on local councils, including those in Odessa, have no moral right to lead the investigation process. Moreover, the inquiry should be held by him, including “the Kremlin’s column”, which has its representation in the current Parliament”. Thus, terror will continue. And someone else believes the policy Zelensky “thaw”?!

Верховная рада по-прежнему на стороне убийц одесситов

Odessa Vadim Papura. Killed by nationalists on may 2, 2014

But even in that case, if the Verkhovna Rada would vote for the establishment of a proposed member of the Odessa Nikolay Skorik sun, yet it is not the fact that her work would have some meaning. Not to mention the result. Today, nobody remembers that in 2014, on “hot scents” Parliament has created the Commission on investigation of events in Odessa on may 2. The results of the work of its members has registered a draft resolution and attached to it a report. Soon, however, the Secretary of the Commission, the Deputy of the Odessa politician and well-known, not seen as approval of the euromaidan and “Patriotic” Ukrainian spill, Svetlana Fabrikant stated that submitted to the Parliament the report of the Commission’s work was edited and is different from the signed version. In other words, the document was falsified. What he was in fact, remained unknown. More FAC Odessa Khatyn in Parliament did not create. Didn’t even try.

It is clear that the new government, the Parliament and the President does not intend to punish the perpetrators of the Odessa massacre. However, international organizations stronger and more persistent already heard no appeals, and requirements to carry out an effective investigation of crimes committed on the euromaidan in Kiev and in Odessa on 2 may 2014. So, the head of the UN monitoring mission for human rights, Matilda Bogner on October 31 in the Forum of the unity in Mariupol, said: “across the country it should be cases related to Maidan, what we saw in Odessa. We need to see effective investigation and prosecution”. Also the head of the UN mission in Ukraine Fiona Fraser was once again named Ukraine conducted a biased investigation of the events on 2 may 2014 in Odessa. In contrast to Parubiy, the UN considered the “invention of the Russian propaganda” the facts of the involvement of Ukrainian euromaidan protesters for the killings in Odessa on 2 may 2014. Besides, there are many video and photographic evidence of everything that was going on in Odessa. Place yourself on “feats” are actively removed nationalists. And almost all of the Odessa TV stations conducted a live broadcast. It was literally mass murder live.

That’s just the Ukrainian government – that the old that the present – not in a hurry to respond appropriately to the demands of authoritative human rights defenders of the UN. Quite the contrary – going to create a Commission to continue to pursue dissenters of Odessa, including the victims on may 2.

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