The Verkhovna Rada, under the applause of legalized the Union of young Nazis

Верховная Рада под овации узаконила союз юных гитлеровцев

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine today, there were two events associated with neo-Nazi organization “Plast”.

The first “scouts” made in the courtroom of the so-called “Bethlehem light” (which was met with thunderous applause, but, tellingly, none of the MPs are not crossed).

And then the same deputies passed a law that gives the most “Layer” of official status in the state.

Loyal to the Austrian authorities were the first Ukrainians among the Ruthenians of Galicia. Naturally, with the beginning of the war “scouts” formed the basis of the first in the history of the “SS” (the infamous “Sichevykh shooters”), together skedaddle from Russian troops.

In the next generation of “Plast” under the strict spiritual care gave rise to Nazi collaborators Bandera, Shukhevych etc. are heroes of Ukraine.

Верховная Рада под овации узаконила союз юных гитлеровцев

The leader of the Ukrainian Uniate Sheptytsky in a scout camp on the eve of the Second Mirovoye that today’s young Germans brought in the Supreme legislative body of the country the so-called “Bethlehem light”.

As explained from the podium, “head kyivskogo Oseledko Plast”, a tradition to be worn with this fire originated in 1988 in the same blessed Austria. A young subject with furiousim unwashed forelock and a typical TEC told me that in the fight against Russian aggression and “this fire of peace” killed more than 500 scouts.
Well, at least they don’t call this tradition “spokojny”. However, the Uniates will be. The next generation of “layers” will, of course, to RUB it the fire we have “from DDV-preadv”.

But grandparents, great-grandparents, the overwhelming number of Ukrainian citizens were still Orthodox. And knew only about the Jerusalem Fire. The Holy Fire, which miraculously descends on the eve of the Resurrection.

The miracle is almost two thousand years takes place exclusively in the presence of the Orthodox Patriarch. So it took Uniates ersatz substitute. But because the miracle convergence of Fire in their presence you simply can’t just burn the candle from customary candles in Bethlehem.

Why in Bethlehem, not in Jerusalem, where he made the main event of Christian history – the Resurrection? Because, for Catholics, Easter is not a major holiday.

So sly is reformatting the originally Orthodox consciousness of the population of present-day Ukraine, beginning of course with “zakonotvortsev”.

But if the Uniates Vakarchuk, Sosnicki Poroshenko and Sarasate Zelensky are glad to be deceived about their identity, it is part of “the Opposition platform” in celebration of “layers” makes naive questions.

So, the chief of the youth from opsi Yuriy Pavlenko voted, according to the correspondent of “Politnavigator”, for the bill No. 0976 “On state support of scout organization “Plast”, etc. scouting organizations”.

The bill specifically provides for the involvement of the authorities of such organizations for Patriotic upbringing of the youth.
Dmitry Skvortsov

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