The video game industry is a gold mine in full pandemic

L’industrie du jeu vidéo fait des affaires d’or en pleine pandémie

Industry global video game made of gold business, so that several populations are currently confined to their home because of measures to slow the spread of the COVID-19.

Even in Quebec, the impact is felt. Some studios have seen their sales jump recently 15 to 20 %. Others have accelerated the production of their game in order to be able to get it out more quickly.

“Yes, we see a growth of our sales. There are more people in the house. However, there is much more competition. All companies are currently putting their games special to attract players, ” says the Journal the co-founder of Increasing Games, Philippe Dion.

This studio of Quebec was launched in February 2019 the game Foundation on the distribution platform Steam, which has millions of users around the world. Today, nearly 300,000 copies have been sold.

As the end of the week

At BKOM Studios, which has launched the mobile game Overloot in November 2019, the demand has also risen since the beginning of the pandemic. This game is available in five languages, and available in 155 countries.

“The original titles that performaient well do even better today. For a game free-to-play, the results for each day of the week are similar to those usually from the end of the week. This should be a good year, ” said the chairman and managing director, Frederick Martin.

Last week, BKOM Studios has also signed ‘ one of the biggest contracts in its history in anticipation of the release of a new original game in 2021. The title will be unveiled in the coming months.

“Due to the containment, there is more traffic on the gaming consoles and platforms, sale. There has the appetite for new securities. This situation will give impetus to the industry, ” said Mr. Martin.

The double

On the side of the studio Chainsawesome Games, the action against the COVID-19 also influence sales. Moreover, the company has recently accelerated the development of one of its projects in order to take advantage of the craze. Impossible, however, to obtain more information, for the time being. This work should be completed within a month.

“We have seen the impact of the confinement on our game Aftercharge (launched in 2019), because it has been less successful. However, we have experienced a huge increase for Knight Squad. Our figures per week has doubled compared to before the pandemic. At this time, this is the best time to launch a game, ” said the spokesman, Laurent Mercury.

Of $ 133,000 to more than a million $

In Sobotage, which completed in 2018 , The Messenger, the studio is currently working on the game Sea of Stars that should come out in 2022. To support its new production, the 19th of march, the company started a funding campaign on the platform Kickstarter to obtain 133 000 $.

Last Friday, the loot was delivered to more than $ 1.4 million. All of the money will be used for the development of the new game, says the management.

“Video games have become during the confinement a good way to think about something else and lessen the stress. Sales have increased in the industry, ” says company co-founder, Martin Brouard.

In recent weeks, Nintendo has launched the game Animal Crossing : New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. This title has broken sales records, especially in Japan, according to media reports.

A few game studios here

  •  Foundation
  • Overloot
  • Knight Squad
  • The Messenger
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