The video hit mortal combat lynx and a rattlesnake in Arizona

The witnesses of the state of Arizona took video of mortal combat lynx and a rattlesnake.

На відео потрапила смертельна сутичка рисі і гримучої змії в Арізоні

The girl who made the video, working as a real estate agent. She, along with buyers were driving in the car near the scene of the incident, reports Rus.Media.

The snake was bitten by a lynx, she began to defend himself. The fight lasted about one minute. As a result, won a trot and dragged the prey away.

Eyewitnesses say that if they’re not in the car, they would not even come to the battlefield. They’d just escaped.

As you know, the rattlesnake venom is not dangerous for the lynx, but could be fatal to humans.

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