The view from the green madness

Взгляд извне на зеленое безумие

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Fighters against Russian disinformation (which of course every word, and the silence emanating from Russian sources, except for the approved type of “Freedom” and MBH-media) have repeatedly drawn attention to, to put it mildly, skeptical attitude of Russian Greta Thunberg and to all green ecstasy that hit the Western world.As calmly and convincingly prove that extasie absolutely right (and generally, no they are not extasie, but a sober and cold-blooded analysts), not very good — “Poem of ecstasy” you will not strangle, not kill, in the fight against misinformation uses a different technique. Namely, “What’s Hecuba to you (i.e. Greta)?” Keep track of your household disorders, of which the roof, and about green plans (and other plans) of the Western world, will discuss other, much more competent. Or, to put it more straightforward, “none of your damn business”.The answer and even it failed, would have been appropriate when we were talking about people, perhaps, wildly-mad, but in his inner circle — and is not going to attract Russia to its madness. When in the old days, in the Soviet Union, the West was directly chiliastic and even fanatical sects, the Soviet reaction to them was pretty low-key — “at ease them, usbecause, go crazy”. The restraint was due to the confidence that theirs is a fanaticism does not concern us. And the Western way of life is not our brother or kinsman to worry about him.
In principle, we would have ohlazhdenku to perceive the news about Greta, on the course to full decarbonization and, of course, the denuclearization of the energy — electricity we draw from the sun and wind, the bread you eat, and bakeries will burn — about the project a complete destruction of a large (then, perhaps, small) cattle, because the herd winds emit, on other interesting ideas. Let the democratic party of the United States, the European Commission, the once conservative and now green to ultraviolet Kohler CDU’re making these plans to transform their own economy and way of life, and we only note: “at ease them, usbecause”.The more that the great Emperor at Austerlitz, seeing as Russian and Austrian troops themselves, no one is forced to commit is detrimental for yourself maneuver, remarked to his Suite: “gentlemen, when the enemy makes a mistake, in any case should not disturb him”. Errors of our partners, this can also be treated.Of course, Napoleon’s rule is not absolute. Completely carbon-free Europe will be in poverty of a cave, but if it is solid in his condition, the Russian trade will suffer. Again, the destruction of European farms backfire and outside the EU.But all this refers to the scenario when the EU is mad, but not forced to loose their neighbors. And that is certain.The whole green ideology is the product of scientific calculation, and feverish faith. When the promise of the green Kingdom do not come true — and with what joy they ought to if they run counter to all practical knowledge? — start searching for the perpetrators with immediate presence. The perpetrators that ruined it is the capitalist, that is, non-environmental surroundings. Russia, China, and other powers that have not adopted Gretina confession.Moreover, in these accusations even make sense. Green ideologues save us from disastrous climate change, and the climate does not obey political boundaries. Circulation of air masses occurs as he wants. Even if the EU completely surrender to green austerity, while other countries did not surrender to climate — caused saboteurs — will still occur bad.

Взгляд извне на зеленое безумие

Therefore, after the failure of green dreams we determine we need to force and also the wrong country to adopt the most stringent anticarbon, antipoverty, anticatabolic etc. restrictions and prohibitions. Force for good, and if won’t be as good, and bad. Otherwise, for the blood-the ichor Lily? And with terrible force did dicarbonitriles?This is not a plausible speculation about the future, and already today’s reality. Sharply green, A. B. Chubais, has called for the introduction of a carbon tax. The explanation given is that you still have to bend, and then it will only get worse. Better now and that the economy, and so much oppressed by taxes, — well, but in Brussels praise.The same wish made the world Bank: “it is Advisable to consider the introduction of “carbon taxes” or other mechanisms for payments for carbon emissions, which would be unified in the framework of wider agreements on trade and technology and agreed upon with prospective trading partners.”And this is only the beginning. Dug — do not fall behind.

And it was strange green international, to build the Westerners to toe the line — do not utter a word, and others to afford to live according to their whims. International — means that the progressive method should be international. No one will leave not credited.So watching Greta and older uncles in the spirit “And can I please have a Cup of coffee” — will not work.Maxim Sokolov

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