The villager took a few dozen pigs because of neighbors complaints

У жителя села забрали несколько десятков свиней из-за жалоб соседей

The villager took a few dozen pigs because of the neighbors complaints
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People say that animals 20 years fed their gardens and frightened children.

The villagers Pivnivschyna in Chernihiv region for 22 years fought with a neighbor who raised pigs and released them to walk around the village. People complained that animals eat vegetables from their gardens and scaring the children. This is stated in the story UA: Chernigiv.

In July, the villagers sought to pig men confiscated. Specially hired team of workers brought animals for the village, what will happen to them next is unknown.

The police said that after the next call to the neighbor the man was sent to a psychiatrist and he saw the need for involuntary treatment. Neighbors say the man had been treated and each time returned from the hospital, he bought more pigs, and eventually their number increased to several dozen.

One of the residents told that one day, four of the villagers could not resist shooting some of the animals, for this they were sentenced to two years probation.


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