“The virus has found a place in the sun with us”

Quebec is screening much more than before for COVID-19, with nearly 30,000 tests carried out during the days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, which could suggest that it is normal to discover more cases of the virus in population.

However, this is not the case, according to Dr. Jacques Girard, director of public health at the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale.

The test positivity rate is higher because the virus is unfortunately more present.

“At the end of August, we were at 0.4% [COVID positivity rate]. We are now at 3%. What is happening is that the virus is circulating more. This is a clue which suggests that it is not because we have tested more, but because the virus is circulating more, ”says Dr. Girard.

In Quebec alone, some 40 outbreaks were targeted in various settings.

“These outbreaks are not all of equal importance, you will understand. The new cases, we can connect them generally up to 10%. Which means that the rest, the new cases, they come to us from everywhere, ”notes the director of public health.

Private gatherings, cottage gatherings, guard down. “There are very, very direct links,” he insists. He also notes the spread at public events where people have let their guard down.

“Everyone was relatively well disciplined, but I would tell you that now, we must be extra careful, because the virus has found a place in the sun with us,” says the expert.

In addition, five outbreaks were observed in elementary and secondary schools in Quebec, and two outbreaks in higher education and adults.


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