The Voice continues, without an audience

The Voice continues, without an audience

The followers of La Voix, who numbered 1,288,000 on Sunday night before the first quarter-final presented live, can rejoice: the show will continue in the coming weeks, despite the containment measures affecting culture announced by the Legault government, Monday.

The only difference with last Sunday: there will be no audience in the stands of the MELS studio during the Sunday shows. Last week, an audience of 81 spectators (instead of 406 in normal times), made up of the families and friends of the participants, filled the scene, but no one was allowed to shout or stand, for reasons of security.

But the talents of La Voix will still be able to count on the support of their loved ones for the rest of the adventure, assured TVA, which is anxious to allow the candidates to live these important moments with the people they love.

“The production is currently evaluating the different possibilities for integrating families,” the channel said on Tuesday.

The teams of Productions Déferlantes and Quebecor Content are also reworking the cards to revitalize the atmosphere between performances, and they can always, to do this, solicit the contribution of musicians on site.

La Voix, Sunday, 7 p.m., at TVA.

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