“The Voice”: Ginette Reno hearing

«La Voix»: Ginette Reno en audition

MONTREAL | Ginette Reno has created the surprise, Sunday, by inviting them to the first round blind auditions of “The Voice”. In the interview, the singer reveals that he has relived his younger years through this experience.

When the production of “The Voice” has suggested it to pass a true false audition, the blind, Ginette Reno did not hesitate before accepting. “I found that it was a fun idea. It made me go back, in my young time. But I was nervous because I was afraid that they will not come back. Of a sudden they think it is someone who sings like Ginette Reno, that is what I would have done? It could have been funny, but I don’t know how I would have reacted…”


The great lady of quebec song was chosen to interpret “I have not seen the time go”, a work of Luc Plamondon, who appears on his latest album. “I’m prepared as for a show. I had practiced my text, because usually, I never have a prompter on stage, I’ve never had. However, I still have a binder with all my songs that I put now on the piano, in case I’m wrong.”

Like every time she goes on stage, Ginette Reno is given entirely for this fake hearing to the blind man, and she seemed to be also thrilled to see the coaches affected and impressed by his presence. “For 60 years I sing, it is always as if it were the first time. The only thing that changes as people get older, it is that now I sing it as if it were the last time.”

Private lessons

The singer will return to “The Voice” for the phase of the songs of battle as a “super coach” to provide advice and guidance to candidates of the four teams. “I’m going to work with the four coaches, and I think it will do me good to remind myself of all the things that I learned when I was younger.”

Coach young talent is something that Ginette Reno does little. “Sometimes there are schools of singing that ask me to do a master class in front of public. I do it sometimes, but mostly for the fun of it. At the same time, if I can help young people to understand what it is like to be a singer, or a singer…. This is not obvious.”

It is particularly the difference between singing and launch sounds. “Singing is a bit more serious if you want to get your message. There are great singers on earth, but there are not many interpreters.”

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