The Voice will return, ensures the TVA network

La Voix reviendra, assure le réseau TVA

The Voice will return. Not in 2021, but possibly in 2022. TVA confirmed to the Journal that the show will take “a break” next year to make room for the return of Star Academy. This precision is a consequence of the passage of Charles Lafortune to Two men in gold Friday evening at Télé-Québec.

Lafortune said that The Voice would take its final bow in the spring after eight seasons. The moderator also stated that it was his “swan song” to the commands of the popular appointment television, admitting in passing that he had experienced several “moments of nostalgia” during the recordings of the hearings to the blind, last fall.

Reached by phone, Charles Lafortune indicates that it would animate to The Voice without hesitation if VAT back actually the vocal competition in waves. “I would really, really like it. I still have a lot of fun to animate. But as we are no longer sure of anything in television, I take advantage of it as if it was the last season “.

“VAT is speaking of an alternation between The Voice and Star Academy, “continued the host. You never know ! “

One thing is certain, Charles Lafortune will not will not Star Academy the next winter. Instead, he relies on Jean-Philippe Dion, or By Morin to take the torch.

Number 1 in Front of the Oscars

Anyway, The Voice has entered its 8th season in front of 1 925 000 viewers on Sunday night, allowing TVA to save market share of 52 % between 19 h and 21 h 20, according to preliminary data from Numeris. Last year, 2 036 000 fans had watched the first.

The Voice was easily sown the competition. At Radio-Canada, Tout le monde en parle has rallied 917 000 faithful, while at CTV, the Oscars have saved an average of 430 000. Although they have remained stable in French-speaking Quebec (429 000 in 2019), the ratings of the gala have dropped dramatically in the United States. Approximately 23.6 million Americans have attended the triumph of the Parasite. Last year, the ceremony had brought together 30 million, according to Nielsen.

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