The volume gotski in Ukraine breaking storioni record

Обсяг готівки в Україні побив історичний рекорд

The volume gotski in OBG in n’yatnytsyu (13 grudnia) Franz breaking storioni record (yaky CCB in CNC 2018 rock) and becoming 400,3 billion UAH.

About TSE podomys fnansowe analtik a groupie ICU Mykhailo Demkiv in FACEBOOK.

For Yogo words, to CNCA rock Tsey pokaznyk Droste has at least 10 billion UAH.

Z nsogo side, the volume paperovo grown OBU in – one W naimenshikh for all story posterijen (z 2002 roku) – only 3,5%.

As in the national Bank Paraguay scho gotski in OBG was 10 billion hryvnias less, than in the beginning rock.

For the data of the national Bank, share butgotta rozrahunkiv platinumi kardami in Ukraine for the first purcha 2019 zrosla 4.3% I put she her 49,4% (pershoho I have the other blocks 2019 – 49,6% and 49,2% respectively).Betrothe , Visim ten s operations s platinumi kardami.

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