The volunteer went on a bike ride to promote palliative medicine



Alone by bike from St Petersburg to Omsk. A volunteer from Siberia went to a charity bike ride. Andrew Narodny wants to draw attention to the development of children’s palliative. TV channel “MIR” became the information partner of the event. Correspondent Evgeny Bulatov spent athlete in multi-day journey.

In a great journey of Andrew collected the children’s hospice. All of them are seriously ill, the treatment came to Petersburg from all over the country. In hometowns such as medical and social institutions there.

“In Oncology is very important at home. It’s one disease remain. And here we are not alone, all live together, understand each other,” says the mother of a patient of a medical institution “Children’s hospice” Taskira Galliamova.

Volunteer Andrew Narodny “on wheels” for 10 years. This year decided the benefits of tourism should be not only to himself but also to others. Together with the “MIR” TV channel he’ll do a charity run to talk about the importance of palliative medicine.

“I want to do the maximum that depends on me. To allocate money, I can’t, I don’t. To build a building I can’t. But I can go and talk about palliative care, can attract people’s attention with a good heart,” says a volunteer charity center “rainbow” Andrey Nerodny.

Four thousand miles, and 13 cities of Russia. Each of Andrew, an ordinary employee of the Omsk Bank, plans to talk about the importance of creating a hospice for children with cancer. Andrew Nerodny a bike ride combined with a holiday so need to fit in 28 days. Media partner of the charity event, the TV channel “MIR” will follow the movements of the traveler.

The route of the cycle-traveler turned international Andrei decided to visit Kazakhstan, in Petropavlovsk.