“The Volunteers make the whole field”. As the start of a land market has intensified scheme for its free privatization

"На АТОшников оформляют целые поля". Как запуск рынка земли активизировал схемы по ее бесплатной приватизации

Photo: news.pnon the Eve of the opening of the land market in Ukraine spins new scheme for free, or almost free privatization laid every Ukrainian two hectares.

Its essence is simple: enterprising brokers are looking for participants of military actions that have benefits for the earth, for a small fee (or sometimes no money) to persuade them to apply for a free plot, supposedly, to himself. In fact, on this land already have buyers.

The land business is built in a big way, agents are looking for free sites throughout Ukraine, and simply put the local authorities before the fact.

“Receive applications for approval from non-native citizens in the entire tracts of land, supposedly for 10-20 participants in ATO”, – confirmed the “Country,” the mayor of the City (Sumy region) Yuriy Zarco. According to him, they can’t deny it, because we are talking about a preferential category of citizens to whom land should be allocated a priority.

Often in the case of officials of local administrations Gosgeokadastra and local authorities. Buyers of such land costs 30-50% cheaper than the market price, so those wishing to participate in the scheme there is no shortage.

“Country” is understood as the circuit operates at a “preferential” privatization and how it can be used to obtain the plot.

The last two hectares

The possibility of free privatization of two hectares for every Ukrainian is spelled out in articles 116, 118 and 121 of the law on privatization. According to them, all citizens, rural residents, and citizens, can get land for so-called “agriculture”.

The procedure is, at first glance, is simple: you need to write an application to the local authorities, you should offer a free site (for details on this scheme, we already mentioned here). But may be denied if there are not at the moment. And this right government officials is actively used.

Therefore, in practice, the scheme on free privatization often fails.

The main problems, according to the President of the Land Union of Ukraine Andriy Koshil, the shortage of available land and corruption.

Much of the land in Ukraine has long been divided.

The state has approximately 10.5 million hectares of land. But many of the land given in long lease for 50 years. There are still 4-5 million hectares of land whose owners died and the heirs didn’t renew the stations themselves.

But actually to check whether in a particular locality vacant land is not always easy, as the land registry disordered, parcel boundaries often extend from one another, information is promptly updated.

Therefore, in order to obtain land, or to have their people in local authorities, or to give a bribe.

According to the head of the law firm “Kravets and partners” Rostislav Kravets, often officials do not give any response to the applicant, and to seek the land through the courts for years.

But so much time for free privatization anymore. Most likely, the shop on the free distribution of two acres is not much cover. During the discussion of the land question in Parliament, many MPs said that the free market and privatization can not exist in parallel.

Therefore, for those who have not yet received land, and these people in Ukraine – millions, now almost the last opportunity to acquire land.

Moreover, since time is running out, and increasingly the scheme of rapid privatization. “Quickly now it is possible to privatize the land only on beneficiaries, in particular, of participants of operations” – says Rostislav Kravets.

Enterprising middlemen have built on this whole scheme.

“At the time of the so-called “free privatization” has acquired a mass of circuits. For example, in Kiev the mass of the earth designed for students who, allegedly, then they are resold. But the moment the “grateful” theme – combatants, which under the law is eligible for benefits,” notes Kravets.

Under the documents and the status of ATO-schnick

According to the law, combatants, and victims ‘ families can obtain land for gardening (12 acres), the farm (two hectares) of building a house in the city (10 acres), outside (15 acres) in the village (25 acres) or for the garden (10 acres).

Simply write a statement and the local authority must consider it within one month. You can claim land in any region and not only at the place of residence,

Formally, the same rules apply to other beneficiaries – families with children, veterans, the disabled, etc. But in practice now it works only scheme with the ATO-person.

Last year its decision, the Cabinet secured for participants of the ATO priority right to the land and removed all restrictions on them (for example, previously, the rate at which local authorities could transmit only 25% of the land, and the remaining paste on the auctions).

This happened after protests “Cabinet – go back to the land of ATU-person”.

It was conducted due to hitches with the distribution of land caused by the Cabinet approved the Strategy to improve control in the sphere of use and protection of land. Then, a few months the application process in General has stopped.

Since to deny the members of ATU local officials are hesitant, and what are the intermediaries.

Thus, the network can find a lot of ads from companies that “make out the ground under the privileges of the ATO” or undertake to help the combatants with patches.

They are specifically looking for free sites throughout Ukraine that ordinary atoms-schnick hardly afford. Then form a package of documents, which already included even the technical plan of the site. And accompany the whole process of obtaining land.

Moreover, in most cases, the ATO this site does not receive – simply used its documents.

“Many people, especially in villages, they themselves refuse. They already have land shares. They agree to provide their documents for clearance for a small fee. It can be 3-5 thousand UAH, rarely – up to 10 thousand hryvnia,” – said “the Country” one of the mediators, who asked not to be named.

“Participants ATO pay a small money to use their passport data and status,” says Andrew Koshil.

For Resellers – you can, for yourself – not

“Country” wrote that the market value of the land for personal agriculture is much higher than that offered by ATU-person. So, in the Nikolaev area prices reach up to 2 thousand dollars per hectare, near Kiev, for a hundred asking $ 500, that is, a hectare will pull already on 5 thousand. In the Outback the price is much lower, say, in the villages of the Chernigov region, it can be 3-4 thousand hryvnia per hectare, that is, 6-8 thousand for the entire plot.

“Preferential” looking for land, usually for a specific buyer. Moreover, you can offer as 2 hectares, and 4-6 more hectares. In this case, the bids from several ATO-schnick.

The land actually buy cheaper than the market. Moreover, if we are talking about “large wholesale”, the price may be lower by 30-50%. For example, at Kiev to arrange site really 250 dollars for a hundred.

Listings for “anti-terrorist operation sites” are full of specialized sites. For example, on OLX 10 acres near the White Church (the Kiev region) is offered for 3 thousand dollars, in the Cherkassy region of 1.9 hectares – over 7 thousand dollars.

In the schemes with the “land anti-terrorist operation” is often involved officials of local offices of Gosgeokadastr. For example, in October of this year, the SBU began to investigate the withdrawal of more than 300 hectares of land in Pushcha -Voditsa through the participants of the ATO.

In the first stage of the circuit was looking for free sites outside settlements.

Search did the heads of regional departments of the regional Gosgeokadastra who monitor the vacant land.

The second stage is the search and “establishing personal relationships with persons whose legal status have the right to privatize land plots. As a rule, persons up to 45 years, who participated in the antiterrorist operation in the East of Ukraine and have the relevant status of the participant ATO”, – stated in the message of the SBU.

According to the security Service, the participants of the ATO for a fee of 500-1, 000 dollars have provided copies of their personal documents and power of attorney to represent their interests. Despite the fact that the market value of the land – 1,5 thousand dollars for a hundred.

Just scored over 160 “volunteers”, which allowed to withdraw from circulation a large array of agricultural land in Kiev Svyatoshinsky district of the capital. And after the land ATU-person immediately extended it to others. interestingly, none of the “beneficiaries” were not registered on the territory of Kyiv region, and one of them at the time of allocation of the site in General has died.

The mayor of the City (Sumy region) Yuriy Zarco said “the Country” that they have received an application for approval allocation of entire tracts of land. And – from non-native participants of the ATO.

“We are talking about group applications, sometimes for 4-6 people, sometimes 10 people, that is, I land of 20 hectares,” – said Yuri Zarco.

In Lviv, a similar scandal was last year, when the construction company was arranged through members of ATU plot of 13 hectares.

It is noteworthy that the shaft of statements from participants of the ATO accounts for the regions with the most valuable land. Thus, according to Gosgeokadastra, in the Vinnytsia region served 21.6 thousand applications, in Kiev – 38.5 thousand in Kirovohrad – 27.5 thousand in Poltava – 26.3 thousand.

Thus, in Rivne region statements just over 6 thousand in Chernivtsi – 2.2 thousand. Total in Ukraine on 31 October filed 330,5 thousand applications. That is, to give land to anyone who asked, it takes more than 660 thousand hectares.

And this despite the fact that to get a piece for yourself, not for intermediaries, not every member of ATO. “Land management company in the regions complain that people go to classrooms, but are unable to put them according to the law of the land,” – says Koshil.

The argument in this case, the standard – there is no free land and you need to wait. To test whether it is the people themselves cannot, therefore, be hostages of the situation.

“We are all the vacant land seeded ATU-person in 2015. Now distributable, except in the villages and try to persuade not 2 hectares, and at least half”, – said “the Country,” the mayor of Sochi Roman Valuyko. Liudmila Ksenz

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