The Walking Dead Season 8: We already know how Michonne could die! (SPOILERS)

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is approaching and it could well make an unexpected victim …

We continue to wait with you until October 22nd and after you have revealed some possible intrigues for the crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead , it is today in season 8 that we are interested. Attention to the big spoilers on the comics appeared in the US in the sequel. As was announced some time ago, an iconic character died in the no. 167 comics: Andrea. Already dead in the series, Andrea was nevertheless present alongside Rick in the comics before being bitten by a walker . And we all know that in the series, it is Michonne who has inherited a lot of his intrigues. Should we then begin to worry about this seasoned survivor?

Michonne in danger?

Yes and no. Indeed Andrea’s death comes a long way in the future in comics, and if Michonne dies like her, it should leave him a lot of time on the screen. However between the very likely flashforward that is preparing for season 8 of The Walking Dead and the words of Scott Gimple, one can still ask questions. Indeed the showrunner announced to Comicbook that the death of Andrea would be absolutely reproduced in the series. He obviously did not say whether Michonne would be the victim .”I read the comics as soon as they go out, and I always read them as a fan, and I think we’ll find a way to show that in the series. will be different since it is no longer in the series ” . It remains to be seen when and especially who this death will concern …

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