The waltz of the 1st of July difficult

Une valse du 1er juillet difficile

Dozens of moves are curly with a sigh of relief and a drop of sweat on the forehead, on Wednesday, consecration of a tedious process, marked by a housing shortage and pandemic requires, visits by video-conferencing.

The arteries close to Saint-Jean-Baptiste, known for its scarcity of accommodation, swarmed movers armed trucks to cubes, vans and pairs of arms at the first light in the morning.

Behind the traditional waltz of moving, hiding concerns, frustrations, and strokes of luck, the symptoms of a rental market overheating where to find the shoe that fits is a true tour de force.

With a vacancy rate of 1.7% in Haute-Ville, Saint-Jean-Baptiste is one of the areas of Quebec that are suffering from a housing shortage.

“In the midst of a pandemic, it was not obvious. I found in the beginning of may, but I was lucky. I watched 24 hours on 24 on the web and there was nothing, ” says Marie-Eve Mercier, a 25-year-old, who arrived in the area from Montcalm, another sector that is saturated.

“Super complicated “

Jimmy Pettigrew, 36 years old, considered difficult for a family to stay in the neighborhood. He has had to make compromises to stay in the company of his son of 11 years.

A few doors down from there, Jimmy Pettitgrew, a father of 36 years, complains a shopping ” super complicated “, especially for families. If he loves his mid-life, remains that it is “unthinkable” to find a dwelling of more than three rooms, the judge does it.

“We don’t have the choice to make sacrifices and to say, “no choice but to take that one, otherwise the next one that is suitable could only come in a few months”. We can’t afford the luxury of shopping “, he points out, him moving his boxes in less than a kilometre from its previous accommodation.

Already a resident of the district, Danae, Maltese was nearly a victim of this scarcity. The 23-year old girl at first refused the renewal of his lease, and then ravisée after two days. Too late : visits had already been made and a lease was concluded with a new tenant.

“In the district, it is difficult to find something suitable. There are two extremes : very beautiful and very expensive, or not great and not expensive. It is hard to find a between-two, ” she noted.

Danae, Malta, 23 years old, has been given the chance to find a home in the face of the one she has resigned herself to leave.

Luck has finally smiled when an apartment just across the street has been posted for rent. A quick visit, and then the agreement was reached. “The “for rent” signs in the window, this is the best thing to get, ” stressed Danae Maltese.

Difficulty record

In front of this puzzle in the summer, the Office municipal d’habitation de Québec (OMHQ) has been more requested than ever. Some 243 requests for assistance were made by residents in difficulty to find a new home, while they were 69 to have it done at the same time last year.

“We broke records this year,” observes the director-general of the OMHQ, Claude Foster. As at 30 June, we had five folders can be “red”. Two were settled in before noon. The other three folders are still in research, but the people are not out on the street. There are people who care for them. ”

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