The war of the trenches

Une guerre de tranchées

With Carter Hart, and Carey Price in front of the net, one should not expect a festival of goals in this series. Even more than Sean Couturier, Claude Giroux, Phillip Danault and Shea Weber are specialists in the defensive game.

In fact, in the camp of the Philadelphia Flyers, we expect a trench war in which the winning team could well be that the desire to conquer will be the greatest.

“We will not be able to cheat and he will have to work harder than them,” said Couturier, on the eve of that first battle.

“The hockey series, this is not easy. In addition, the Canadian, is a balanced training, which focuses on four trios. We have to be ready to use our depth, ” added the centre player the more efficient the circuit in the circle put in play this season.

Since access to training is non-existent, impossible to know if Claude Julien will bring back Phillip Danault at the center of Tomas Tatar and Brendan Gallagher or if he will trust Nick Suzuki.

Impossible to know no more, secret of the series requires that, before that Alain Vigneault will send the unit to a Tailor.

“I don’t know that we will be opposed to it, but the Canadian is a team fast who is hard-working. Make sure to bring our work boots, ” said the former Voltigeurs de Drummondville.

In the appointments for obtaining the Selke trophy for the second time in his career, Couturier has recalled that he had obtained good shots of the hand, this season, in missions aimed at countering the opponent.

“At the center, Nate [Thompson] has given us a lot of depth. [Derek] Grant and [Kevin] Hayes also. We are all responsible defensively. It helped me a lot because in the past, I had a lot more responsibilities defensive, ” said the attacking Flyers.

Few goals granted

This depth is partly due to the character more avaricieux of the Flyers during the regular season. Under the tutelage of Alain Vigneault, the Flyers were granted 191 goals in 69 matches. Transposed in a season of 82 games, one speaks of 226 goals. This is 54 fewer than the previous winter.

“Our four trios are able to play responsibly on the entire surface of the game. This is the recipe that helped us win a lot of games, said Jakub Voráček, whose presence, although it says it is ready to re-connect with the action, always remains a mystery for the opening of this confrontation. This will be tight games. It must adequately cover and be patient. “

The outbreak of Hart also explains part of the success of defensive Flyers. Among goalkeepers who have played at least 24 games, he emerged in eighth place with an average goals allowed of 2.42.

Fire everywhere

If he expects to be put to the test from all angles, the Albertan is convinced that he will get a good helping hand from his teammates, to protect his territory.

“I know that our attackers and our defenders are always a good job to return to in our area and provide support. They are excellent for defending the enclave, to jump on the washers free, and prevent the opponent to take advantage of a second opportunity to score. “

A barricade, hope Alain Vigneault, will go on.

“We are well aware of the speed [of the Canada], of their desire to send pucks on goal and go to the net. It is certain that we will be tested, ” argued the coach in Philly.

The Flyers are the team that provided the least shots on goal this season (to 28.7 per game). This is a good indicator of their ability to contain the storm.

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