The war on drugs is a failure

The war on drugs is a failure

It's been a long time since a photo has moved me so much.

I'm talking about this 21 year old girl who has been in a vegetative state for two weeks.

A beautiful young woman in the prime of life, tubed and connected to a life support device.

All because she used a chemical drug.


There is no typical profile of the chemical drug user.

They come from all walks of life, from all walks of life.

It can be my daughter, it can be your son.

We say to ourselves, “Oh, me, my child would never do that, it's not his style.” ”

What do you know about it?

Who knows what our kids do when they go out?

Another 19-year-old boy lost his life to this filth. His mother wonders if he would not always be in this world if the SQDC had not changed its policy.

“When my son was 18, he had the right to buy legally from the Société québécoise du cannabis. But since January, he could not, because the minimum age has increased to 21 years. He must have turned to the street. I tell myself that if the law had not passed, he might be here today … ”

The question this lady asks is damn relevant.

Where do you want your child to buy their potty? In a branch of a Crown corporation or with a pusher who will take the opportunity to sell him all kinds of other, more dangerous drugs?

“Yes, but it's not good that 18-year-olds smoke pot …”


And you, how many glasses of wine do you have in the evening?

If your 18-year-old cannot buy pot from the SQDC, he will buy it elsewhere. Or his older friends will buy him some.

It might not suit you, but it is the reality.


“Insanity is always doing the same thing and expecting a different result every time,” Einstein said.

How many years have we been fighting the war on drugs? How many gonzillions of dollars did we spend on this adventure? How many traffickers have we put in jail?

However, nothing has changed on the ground. Strictly nothing.

It is still so easy to get drugs.

I don't drink it (I prefer white wine), and yet give me half an hour, and I can find you whatever you want.

We all know someone who knows someone who has the phone number of a pusher who does home delivery.

At some point, we'll have to try something else. Use another strategy.

Approach the problem of drug use from a public health perspective rather than a judicial and criminal perspective.

Allow people who want to take drugs to do so safely.

So that they don't end up in a hospital bed as well …


Do you think the war on drugs is a resounding success?

If so, give me the phone number of your pusher , he sells good stock …

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