The Washington Times: Satellite data have discovered a new Gulag in China

The Washington Times: Спутниковые данные обнаружили новые ГУЛАГи в Китае

The human rights organization “National movement” found a new Gulag in China.

According to a new analysis of satellite images released Tuesday by the American human rights group in China is more than 250 concentration and labor camps that contain Muslims. It is reported by guy Taylor The Washington Times.Mass arrest of Uyghurs, Turks, and other Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province has caused large-scale international criticism. However, new data indicate that the number of detainees, and the number of camps for Muslims much more than previously reported.
The human rights organization “National movement” stated that more than 3 million people are detained against their will in concentration camps 180 and 75 labor camps and all this can be seen on satellite images via Google Earth.
The organization’s founder, Salih Hudayar rejected the statements of Chinese officials that most of the detainees had been released and that the camps are “re-education centers” designed to de-radicalize potential terrorists and separatists in Xinjiang.

“China is not only re-educates these people, but also exposes them to torture, subjecting them to forced starvation, forced drugs, rape. There were also reports of organ harvesting,” said Khudoyar.

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