The water level in the Irkutsk region began to decline

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


The water level in the city of Tulun (Irkutsk oblast), which was flooded by the flood, began to decline. Last night it dropped by about 20 centimeters. But it’s still “Big water”. Now the figure is just over 13 meters, while a critical is seven, according to “WORLD 24”.

Now under water it is still more than half a million homes in 28 villages. Even the night before, this figure was twice more. The flood claimed the lives of five people, injured more than 10 thousand inhabitants of the region. The water destroyed eight bridges, flooded many kilometers of Federal highway “Siberia”.

But with the streets of the city Nizhneudinsk water has gone completely. There rescuers started to liquidate the consequences. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the affected region and held an emergency meeting.

“We need to establish informing people about what is happening, where are the points of temporary accommodation, where you can get help, including medical as well as drinking water, food, medicines and basic necessities. Let me stress that special attention should be given uninterrupted supply of population with drinking water in adequate quantity. We need to help people find their relatives. It is necessary to compile lists of evacuees to relatives and the authorities knew exactly who and where. You need to immediately commence payments to affected citizens. The government has already taken a decision promptly, to the Treasury, Central Bank. Pay attention, there is money to not only entered the region, but also came to the people, to each person, to each family. Children from the affected areas should be sent to summer camps, including in other regions. Younger children should be placed with their parents. You need to take under rigid control a situation with the prices of essential commodities and not to give speculators the opportunity to cash in on the suffering of others. Please now outline a plan to restore the property to complete this work as quickly as possible. We know about the situation in the Siberian regions. The summer is short, winter comes quickly, and the flood is not over, the water did not come down. Time is very short. You need to do everything that the people are not left in tents when it’s cold,” said the President.

In Irkutsk organized a collection point of assistance for victims. Spaces for temporary accommodation of people whose homes were flooded. Plane MOE delivered to the region from the state reserve. These are large tents for temporary shelter, rescue boats and warm blankets. In addition, they brought 28 sets of dams that will hold water in the territories of flooding.

Perform already and the orders of the President. So, the authorities of the Tula region said that they are ready to accept children from the flooded areas and the affected region have begun to pay compensation.