The water recedes: the river in the Irkutsk region are returning to their shores

Вода отступает: реки в Иркутской области возвращаются в свои берега

The situation in the flooded districts of the Irkutsk region stabiliziruemost, but still about 50 settlements filled with water. According to the latest data, 14 people died, the fate of another 13 is not yet known, reports channel “MIR 24”.

The total number of hospitalized reached 191 people. From the disaster area evacuated more than 2 thousand people.

In the disaster zone were more than 30 thousand inhabitants. The works involved all the emergency services, rescue workers arrived from other regions. In clearing blockages participate the military. The flood-affected have already received more than 200 tons of humanitarian aid.

The situation remains difficult. Especially in the city of Tulun, which took the brunt of the disaster. Powerful streams of demolished nearly 300 private homes, the debris formed a huge traffic jam near the bridge over the river Iya.